Learning Guitar from a Rock Star!!

So you want to learn how to play guitar? Or do you want to perfect your finger tapping? Or do you want to bust out some blues licks? Or how about just improve your guitar style? Well all these things can be achieved by taking classes from a Rock Star. I am not talking about plugging your plastic guitar into your XBox or your Wii set.. I am talking about the real thing!  How about taking Skype lessons from the very talented awesome guitarist of Art of Dying, Tavis Stanley?

Tavis Stanley plays for the incredible band Art of Dying and has been playing and touring for the past 15 years. What great experience you will get by learning from this teacher. He is offering online courses via  Skype and fits them within his busy touring schedule. This is a gem that you have to enjoy.

Several months ago, my son started taking guitar lessons from one of my favorite guitarists, Tavis of Art of Dying. As many of you know that band’s music had kept me going for the past year during my father’s quick two week battle and loss with cancer last year as well as kept me afloat and in the ‘living” world for the past year.

It was great to see Ryan learn so much from Tavis. Ryan has been a self taught guitarist at a young age and then took lessons from a couple teachers many years ago. Since then the has pretty much been focused on learning tab of his favorite songs and doing covers. Well after classes with Tavis I have seen Ryan progress and grow into “his own” guitar style. I had the chance to catch up with Tavis for a couple questions:

Music Junkie Press:  How do you fit teacher guitar classes through your busy schedule?

Tavis Stanley: When I am not on the road I do them full time Monday thru Friday, kinda like having a full time job but I get to stay home and drink beer while I work!

Music Junkie Press:  Where can people get a hold if they would like to take classes?

Tavis Stanley: You can type my name in on facebook or my page Tavis Stanley’s Guitar School for my lessons page. Either one I can be reached at and I am on here pretty muh 24/7 so I will respond right away. 

Music Junkie Press:  How old were you when you first played guitar?

Tavis Stanley: I started playing when I was 13 and starting teaching kids in my neighborhood at 15.

Music Junkie Press: If you could take any song and remake it from any genre what would it be?

Tavis Stanley: I would do Back Door Man by Howlin Wolf. It’s got the greasiest ‘in the cracks’ feel and I’d love to heavy it up and modernize it. 

So now that you know a little more about Tavis make sure to check him and take some classes.

If you ask Ryan how has it been taking classes from Tavis, “Very cool. I have learned about how to add blues to my own guitar style. Tavis has taught me how to be a [better me] at guitar! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to play real guitar and be dedicated. I even created this for him”:

So are you ready to pick up that six string and get back to playing? Well if so, grab a great teacher like Tavis and let me know how it goes! Tavis even puts out his own Guitar Lesson Blog that you have to check out. Here is the third video from his Guitar Video Blog:

What are you waiting for? Turn off that Guitar Hero/Rock Band and stop fumbling through those videos. Get online and head over to Facebook and see if Tavis has time for YOU!  ~ Enjoy, Marisol

Here is the video for the Art of Dying song that kept me going through the loss of my father. Papi I love you! 12/22/31 to 9/2/2011

and here is my Sorry picture for the Art of Dying Sorry gallery and the video for Sorry follows. This is a picture that was taken eight days before losing my best friend, my father. I stayed at his side and I remember holding his hand and thinking to myself that I have to remember every line on his face or every wrinkle on his hand as if it would be the last time. I miss him so much… I would leave the hospital and would play “Get Thru This” every time and it gave me the strength I needed.

~ Now get playing! Marisol


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