Combichrist, Soulfly and Rave The Requiem live in Munich at the Backstage August 7th, 2019

After an extensive tour through the US in April and May 2019 with over 40 dates, Combichrist went over the great pond to continue their ‘One Fire’ tour through Europe and the UK in June, July and August 2019.

We were lucky to catch the band live in Munich on August 7th. It was the only double-headliner show the band did with Soulfly, well-known through it’s frontman Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura).

Opening act was a Swedish band called ‘Rave The Requiem’. While unknown to most of the people, they could easily win over the crowd. Their performance was very energetic with an amazing female vocalist Jenny Fagerstrandh. Her voice complements the bands vocalists’ and guitarists’ Filip Lönnqvist. Him also being the founder of the band. RTR released their latest record ‘FVNERAL’ in October 2018. Make sure to check them out live, if you get a chance.

Combichrist and Soulfly as co-headliners, a strange combination one might think….. When the date was first announced, it was only Combichrist, Soulfly have been added to the line-up later on. Both bands drew a different kind of audience, the first row almost completely changed after the Combichrist set. The atmosphere throughout the night was equally good though.

Since both bands were headliners, the Combichrist-set was unfortunately cut down to a one hour show. Nevertheless, they played a wide range of songs from former records as much as their current record ‘One Fire’.  Their set-list included ‘One Fire’, ‘Hate Like Me’, ‘What The F*** Is Wrong With You?’, ‘Maggots At The Party’, ‘Can’t Control’, ‘Never Surrender’, ‘Throat Full Of Glass’ and many more. Fans from every era of the band did get satisfied that night. The whole room was jumping and singing along to the songs, like every single time I did have the pleasure to be part of a Combichrist show. The whole venue had the feel of a giant sauna in a matter of minutes.

Soulfly look back at over 20 years of band history. With eleven studio records, they have enough material to choose from. Rituals, their latest one, was released about 10 months ago. Since their sound is much heavier and doesn’t have steady beats and/or electronic components, they naturally draw a different kind of audience. The atmosphere itself though kept steady, which made it another great concert night at the Backstage.

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