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Go to a Black Veil Brides show, and you never know what to expect! From Farewell, My Love storming the stage during “Fallen Angels” in Phoenix, to The Misfits’ Jerry Only and Jerry Jr accompanying the band for a few songs in Louisville, not one performance will be the same. Drift N Die was lucky enough to accompany BVB on a few dates of Black Mass Tour.
Originally an interview lost to a crashed hard drive, we were able to recover the recording just for you guys! Back in October of 2014, we were able to sit down with the ‘Wild Boyz’ to ask them a few questions.


Drift N Die: You just got back from the UK to start your two month long tour of the US. How’s the road been treating you so far?

Ashley Purdy: CC luuuuuvs that question.

Andy Biersack: CC what do ya’ think?

Christian “CC” Coma: (Snickering) Road’s been great we’re excited to be back in the states, how bout you guys?

Ashley: It’s paved.

Andy: I feel good, yah, I mean that’s honestly one of the biggest things is the conveniences of coming back to the states. Like, people don’t necessarily realize when you’re abroad for any amount of time you start to kinda lose the things that make it feel like at home. So yah, we’re happy. It’s been like three shows or whatever and we’re just happy to like have like the same sodas that we like to drink and like the same food.Ashley: I like lunchmeat.

CC: Chipotle.

Andy: Aw yah, Chipotle..we had Chipotle today.

CC: I like London.

Jake Pitts: I like outlets that I can plug my things into.

Andy: Yah, we don’t have to have convertors.

Ashley: Flatirons..those are cool to have here.

Andy: All amazing things, little conveniences.

CC: Actual BBQ sauce.Andy: Your actual BBQ sauce.

CC: Hey, it makes lunch good!


DND: The new album has been hyped for months now! It’ll be coming out in a few days. Is there any NEW insight, anything you haven’t shared yet, that you can tell us about the new album?

Andy: No because I’ve been talking about it literally every single minute of every day for the last month. But I’ll tell you this..we’re gonna play some songs from the new album tonight so that’s specific to this and we have the next single coming out very soon. We shot a video for that and that’s called “Goodbye agony.” So there ya go.


DND: Long nights in the studio can get crazy; lack of sleep, lots of working, and lots of beer & energy drinks to keep you going. What’s the best story you have from the late nights in the studio while working on this album?


Ashley: There’s always been a strip club at the studios we’ve been to for some crazy reason.

Andy: Yah, always and every single one’s been across the street. Even like literally across the street for some reason there seems always to be a strip club from the studios.

Ashley: It’s a good place to like just unwind your mind and go.

DND: The fans have been demanding you work with Falling In Reverse for a while. With this tour, can we expect an FIR/BVB studio collaboration in the future?


Andy: (Laughing) I mean do you want like a thirty person record or something…everybody recording at once…or like…?! I don’t know..I did the thing with Ronnie and maybe potentially..I mean we’re friends. Maybe we’ll do like on each other records or whatever. I mean I know that Jake and Jacky have done some like soloing stuff together, so maybe, yah.


DND: Speaking of the fans, you’ve been filling venues like crazy! These kids are insanely dedicated to you. Is there anything you’d like to say to them to cap off the interview?


Andy: I want to put my ashes (snickering) when I die in our light guy’s deep frying machine. (Everyone breaks out laughing) That’s all I want to do. That’s it. That’s all I want our fans to know.


Photos from the shows:

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Interview by Drift N Die Press
Written, Conducted, & Edited by Meryl DeWitt
Conducted & Revised by Jackie Cameron
Special thanks to The Myth in Minneapolis for hosting us in their green room during the interview!
Photos Featuring:
Farewell, My Love
• Chad Kowal
• Röbby Creasey
• Charlee Conley
• London Mckuffey
The Misfits

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