Interview with Aidan Fisher, Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson guitar double

Eddie Munson Joseph Quinn with Aidan Fisher


It has been a week and we are still reeling from Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 2. We witnessed the most iconic shredding moment in TV history as Eddie Munson delivered a fierce and hellish performance of Metallica’s Master of Puppets in the Upside Down.  It has been a memory that we won’t soon forget. We had a chance to catch up with Aidan Fisher who was the guitar and hand double for Eddie Munson played by Joseph Quinn.  Check out our interview below:


Hey Aidan, it is great to have a chance to talk with the guy who along with Joseph Quinn delivered the  most epic guitar shredding moment in tv history! First we would love to know how did you first find out about getting the gig? And how was that for you?


I came across this post on a background acting page I follow that said “Looking for someone who can shred on the guitar”. I had no idea what the role was for but I can shred so I applied. They responded and asked that I upload a 30 second “video of my ability” along with photos of my hands and arms. I jumped on it right away and sent them a video. They got back to me and told me to keep my schedule open for a “hand double” role on Stranger Things. I was blown away because I love that show! Then they asked that I send a video playing “Master of Puppets” by Metallica as that would be the song in the scene. I immediately sent some videos playing each section of the song. Not long after, they told me they’d like to book me for the role. I couldn’t believe it, not only was I gonna be playing guitar in  Stranger Things, but I’d be playing Metallica in Stranger Things!


Aidan Fisher on Stranger Things set


Were you able to take anything home from the set? the wig? jacket? maybe even a demobat? Lol.

Unfortunately I did not, however I did take home an insane and unforgettable experience.


Stranger Things crew has been amazing at keeping all spoilers/details hush for so long. How hard was it for you to keep that to yourself?

Extremely! It is one of the biggest shows in the world and I wanted to tell everyone! But I had to be patient.


What was a fun memory from filming with Stranger Things that you can share with everyone?

Getting to spend a day hanging out and jamming with Joseph Quinn was a blast! He’s genuinely a kind and humble individual, and also a great guitar player.


Performing Master of Puppets looked flawless in the scene. Was it a one-take shot or how was the filming process of that scene?

Typically they shoot most scenes many times from many different angles so they have plenty of footage to make the best final cut. It took about 15 minutes to shoot my portion of the scene. They had me play through all parts of the song several times while shooting from different angles. I was on top of Eddie’s trailer and the Duffer Brothers were on the ground in front of the trailer giving me notes and direction. Gaten Matarazzo who plays Dustin was standing with the guitar amps on top of the trailer rockin’ out while I was filming the scene.


Aidan Fisher as Eddie Munson


Of course we have to ask, what is your one song that would save you from Vecna?

Probably “Runnin’ With the Devil” by Van Halen instead of “Running Up That Hill”.


We got to catch a glimpse of a video of you performing some Van Halen a while ago. As the owners of VANAMA (VanHalenVan5150), the Eddie Van Halen tribute van, we would love to find out what is your favorite VH song and Van Halen memory? It could be from seeing them/hearing them, or performing their music?

They’re all so good, but I’m gonna go with “Atomic Punk” for the song and definitely performing “Eruption” with Steel Panther for the memory!


VANAMA, Van Halen Tribute Van, VanHalenVan5150
IG: VanHalenVan5150


We need to get you and VANAMA together so you can shred on the roof!

Absolutely! Hit me up!

VANAMA. Van Halen Tribute Van, VanHalenVan5150
VANAMA – VanHalenVan5150


Do you have any plans to perform live shows anytime soon?

I had been playing in a country cover band pretty much every weekend all around Atlanta over the last year but that band recently broke up, now I’m on the search for more gigs!


How long have you been playing guitar? Are you currently in a band or are a solo performer or sessions performer?

I’ve been playing guitar for about ten years. The band I had been playing in over the last year recently broke up, I am now looking for more opportunities as a hired gun or sessions performer. If anyone out there needs a pretty decent guitarist, hit me up!


You have performed with so many amazing musicians, what is next in store for you and your music?

I just want to get out and play! I’m currently available as a hired gun!


What is some advice you can give to someone who is starting out in the music scene or trying to find their way?

Play with everybody and make connections with everybody, networking is key!


What is your favorite go to guitar and pedal set up?

My go to guitar is the PRS Custom 24 SE Floyd. I play through Fractal Audio products, I’ve been using an Axe FX II XL+ for years but I just recently got an FM3 with an FC6 (OMG9) to have a more compact unit and I absolutely love it!


Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans and our audience?

To keep up with news and scheduled appearances follow me on the social media:

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or my website at .


Make sure to stay up to date about all the latest with Aidan on his social media sites. I think it is time for us to re-watch that epic Stranger Things scene! If only we could have Eddie Munson come back in Season 5 and cruise in with VANAMA, and have Aidan shred some Van Halen in the Upside Down!

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