Underground rockers, Gen and the Degenerates strut into place as they release exuberant debut single “Underwear”. A track that represents the bands refusal to conform, a voice for the unheard and a statement that represents everything they have to offer; it’s fast paced, gritty and everything you need to listen to right now.

The single is a proclamation of unbridled sexuality and attraction, something that comes from vocalist Gen Degenerate’s rejection of labels and societal pressures. Commenting on the track Gen said:

‘Underwear’ is our loud, proud statement of Intent. I wrote those lyrics for all those, like myself, who are sick of letting others define their identity and their relationships. It’s a rallying cry to everyone who wants to be defined on their own terms. Our anthem for a generation of lovers, fighters and degenerates. I can’t wait to hear the words “I don’t care what’s in your underwear” screamed back at me at shows, it’s going to be a liberating moment”.

A cathartic track, Gen and the Degenerates loudly deliver “Underwear” with all the attitude and intensity it warrants in a feisty performance video.

Having signed to Marshall Records earlier in the year, “Underwear” marks the band’s first release with the label. Bringing the grit of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts with the Rock n Roll spirit of The Struts, the band are making a commitment to the sound and music that they’re making, promising to keep it loud, live and with a clear point of view.

The empowering track will also be available on a limited red 7” vinyl out on June 25th alongside the band’s second single. The vinyl can be pre-ordered HERE.




A. Underwear

B. Runaway Blues





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