Ice Nine Kills release new video for ‘Savages’

Just in time for Halloween Ice Nine Kills released another video for a song taken from their current record ‘The Silver Scream’: ‘Savages’. Again, it’s not just the song itself, there’s a short story around it. Curious? Check it out!

Just a few days ago, the band released ‘The Silver Scream – Final Cut’. It’s an extended version of their current record, that features some acoustic tracks, the band’s version of ‘Thriller’ and also a brand-new track, ‘Your Number’s Up’, which was introduced two weeks ago.

Ice Nine Kills are currently out on their US-tour with Fit For A King, Light The Torch, Make Them Suffer and Awake At Last. The shows sell fast, so better be quick to be part of this.

For more information on the band, check out their social media:






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