Jack West releases stellar new Covid inspired track Missing Out ft Mike McCready of Pearl Jam

Covid-19 has us missing live shows, concerts, festivals, hanging with friends and so much more. But with the new Covid inspired track released by Jack West, we are not “Missing Out” on killer new music! Jack has released his stellar new track Missing Out which features Mike McCready of Pearl Jam playing guitar on the track.  Jack comments on the new song,

Recorded this in March, but mike played the guitar literally like late August , so it was all very last second , I’ve meet him a few times over the years , but not once did we even type a sentence to each other throogh this whole thing , it was done through the producer Barrett Jones

Check out the new song:

During these difficult times, Jack has continued to kept us entertained with his live streams and his new music. His stellar vocals bring to life a range of emotion with each song. His energy is rich in depth and tones and we can’t wait for what he has next in store for us.

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