Madysin Hatter brings to life a fusion of old school rock with a modern flair

New album, Lose Your Mind out now

Madysin Hatter

I love my Rock and Roll and I just can’t get enough of it these days. But what I really love is when great new bands and artists are busy at keeping the rock torch burning bright and strong. Singer/Songwriter Madysin Hatter truly reigns as the new queen of rock and is ready to ROCK your world with her new full length album, Lose Your Mind. Her 10 song album brings an infectious fusion of classic rock, 80’s hair rock, pop, and modern rock to life. To maintain that raw edge and rich original sound, Madysin did it the “old school rock way” and recorded the album in analog. Lose Your Mind will take you on a rock and roll journey as you can feel the wind blowing in your hair and rock pulsing through your veins.



The album kicks right off with one of my faves, It’s All Good. You are immediately treated to her commanding vocals filled with endless spirit and ferver that shine for the energetic rock track. Madysin delivers an amazing sultry rockin track with Black Velvet Snakebite and you are captivated by her energy amid the fierce guitars, reminiscent of my love for Stevie Nicks.

Rocky Road highlights the soulful sound of Madysin and you are entranced with smoking guitars and takes you right into the title song, Lose My Mind. You can’t stop rocking to this kick ass track. Madysin starts off with her emotionally driven lyrics with an edge of vulnerability and then whisks you right in to her confident powerful vocals. Check out her video for the song:

Pretty Little Fool has this sweet celestial intro and her vocals shine in this track with such bold honesty. The full bodied album continues on with another fave, the bluesy rock track of Jukebox Jive. No rock album would be complete without a ballad and Madysin delivers one powerful beautiful ballad with Never Knew. She is superb on this track, not only with her incredible vocal range but with her honest emotion, she awakens all your senses.

You will get hooked on the catchy Gypsy Rock with it’s rock anthem vibe:

Lightning Strikes Twice screams sultry rock that will have you declaring Madysin the queen of rock. The album comes to a close with the emotional, soul bearing This Last Time. The song takes you on a musical journey with such raw emotion that Madysin brings to life. It is a great ending for the album, satisfying your need for rock but yet leaving you wanting more of Madysin’s music.

You can pick up her new album by heading over to her website at or even better, pick up a hard copy at her shows. Her music ROCKS but she really shines with her live performances as she brings back the rock star show that has been missing from the stages. Her charismatic energy takes over the room and you can’t help but declare ROCK IS HERE TO STAY! She embodies the rock and roll spirit and will keep the torch burning bright.

Make sure to pick up her new music and get out to a show. It is up to us rockers to show our support for the bands we love and to tell your friends about them. You can also visit her social media sites so you can stay up to date on her latest news. We hope to bring you an interview with Madysin soon.

~ Marisol

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