Matt Nathanson brings new life to Def Leppard with his tribute EP PYROMATTIA


Great New EP to check out!

You know that we are big Def Leppard fans here, and we are glad to share with you, that Matt Nathanson is as well. So much so, that he has released  a Tribute album of Def Leppard’s songs!  I know what you are thinking, that is one damn hard band to cover. Well this is not a cover album, this is Matt Nathanson paying tribute to a band that has been a huge part of his life. [Matt explains in his email, ‘ when i was a kid, i sausaged my heavy-set self into my mother’s leather pants regularly so i could lip sync to “pyromania” in front of a full length mirror. and yes, i ALWAYS tried (and failed) to do in-the-air splits off her bed like joe does in the ‘photograph’ video.’] He has brought his own style and flair to these songs. You can’t help but want to belt out the lyrics in true DF fashion, but then you find yourself grinning ear to ear like a Cheshire cat, ready to applaud Matt for his stellar transformation of these tracks.

Earlier today in his FB Post:

if you’ve been paying attention to my posts this week you’ve probably figured out that i LOVE the band Def Leppard. (and i like leg day @ the gym)

now, i love A LOT of music… but def leppard is one of the few bands that live in rarified air for me. top tier greatness. so aaron tap (he is a HUGE DL fan too) and i decided that we would… yep, you guessed it:


the E.P. is called “Pyromattia” (get it?!) and it is out RIGHT NOW!
so take it for a spin. live with it. love it. it’s my crazy-ass metal super nerd fan gift to you.

ps- it sounds REALLY great on headphones. (and you’ll feel invincible with them on… ha!) and stay tuned for a whole lot more info coming VERY VERY VERY SOONISH about my “you know what” that you have been waiting for since my last “you know what” (for those not good at hints, i’m talking about my new album).

Ready for it?

Take a listen here and then head over to and download it!


Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on his latest news.

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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