NEW VIDEO from Josh Todd & The Conflict and new album set for September release!

HELL YES! Perfect way to kick off the weekend, crank it up loud and check out the new video from Josh Todd & The Conflict! They have just released a kick ass music video fro their track Year of the Tiger. It delivers a heaping much needed dose of hard rock and is a powerful track. It will be the Year of Josh Todd & The Conflict!! The clip, directed by the renowned Chris Cuffaro (Pearl Jam, George Michael), is the first of three videos shot as a mini-concert this past May in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles.  Check it out below:


Speaking about the first single and title track off the upcoming record, Josh Todd (lead vocals) states:

“The album’s title track, ‘Year of the Tiger,’ was one of the first songs we wrote for the record and also became one of my favorite songs I have ever written. Like most good songs, it came together very quickly. As soon as Stevie sent me the music, the lyrics and melodies poured out of me. I’m a huge fan of Hannibal and the show Narcos, while also being into the big cats. In Hannibal, they had a character that would feed despicable people to his pigs and I thought that was pretty demented and interesting. Also, I am always fascinated with people that have the balls to choose a life or crime, so this track is about a guy living on the edge with a manhunt going on for his life ending in death by tigers”

The new album Year of the Tiger is set to be released on September 15th via Century Media. Year of the Tiger was co-produced by guitarist Stevie Dacanay (Buckcherry) and Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz. The aforementioned new disc is also now available for pre-order (see below) and anyone pre-ordering Year of the Tiger will also automatically receive an instant-grat track of the title song.

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Josh Todd comments about the new band,

“I have a lot of story telling in me and I always wanted to start another band. Something more reckless and off the beaten rock path. A lot of changes had taken place in Buckcherry and I didn’t want to go another year without making new music. BC is in a great place; we have a great new line-up and we have a handful of dates to complete this year. However, my full attention is on JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT and the record dropping on September 15th. We’re gonna do a worldwide tour behind this. My goal is to give each band a break, so I can stay consistently making music without over touring and build both situations into something really cool.”

“It was time for me to make a record, it has been two years since I put out new music and that’s a long time for me. I am a student of the game and this was an opportunity to not just make a traditional sounding rock record like I have been doing in the past. THE CONFLICT stuff is heavy, melodic and honest, with a lot of risk taking, and these are the records that bring out the best in me.”


JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT will be headlining the Century Media stage at KISW’s “Pain In The Grass” Festival ( on June 24th, alongside such acts as Fozzy, Like A Storm and many others.

You can definitely feel the authenticity and passion that bleeds from their music. Pre-order the new album and make sure to visit their social media sites to stay up to date on their latest news.

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