VIDEO: Annie Bacon & her OSHEN will capture your heart and soul with their folk track, Gallatin Pike

Photo Credit: Cybelle Codish

To be truly in love with music is to listen with your heart and soul. Whatever your favorite genre is, there is always a some that comes along and completely grabs a hold of you and shakes you to your core.  For me today, it was Gallatin Pike by Annie Bacon & her OSHEN. I couldn’t help but listen to the song, not once, but over 4 times in a row. Each time falling in love with a new piece of the music.  It is mystical and captivating, but if I had to sum it up…. It simply makes you “feel”!

Annie captures pure beauty and magic with her track, haunting vocals that open your heart and feed your soul. The song was recorded live right here in Santa Rosa with Santa Rosa, CA band eight belles (Jessi Phillips and Henry Nagle) along with Kevin Carducci (Easy Leaves) and Dan Ford. Henry Nagle who engineered and played pedal steele on the song brings a brilliant haunting aura to the track that is absolutely enveloping.

Photo Credit: Ian C. Bates

Gallatin Pike is the first of three singles to be released. Check out the video for the song which brings the American folk track to life:


About Annie:

After nearly two decades in San Francisco, folk artist Annie Bacon recently relocated her family to Michigan for a fresh perspective. In the spirit of Americana, she’s recording an album along the way: from San Francisco, to Nashville, to her new home of Ann Arbor. On her seventh recording with her OSHEN, Nothing Stays the Same (available July 2019), Bacon explores themes of heartbreak, change, mental health, and dissolution of ego while returning to her original intent as an artist: to foster connection.

“In each song’s case, the team of musicians is built around one idea: honor the connections,” says Bacon.“This means I’m working with people new and old who I adore, who treat people well, and who are capable of deep connection with the musical gods. I’m also collaborating with artist friends for each of the songs to create an original piece of visual art. Some are photographs, paintings, some are videos meant to deepen the connection in a visual manner.”

Make sure to visit her social media sites and stay up to date on her latest news. Mark your calendars for her album release on July 18, 2019.

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