WAYLAND Releases “No More,” The Official Anthem For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking

Michigan Rockers, WAYLAND release their brand new single “No More” on October 2, 2020 via Fearlyss Entertainment. The powerful track delivers emotionally driven lyrics that will cut to your soul. Music is always there to heal, give hope, create change and bring up the topics that many don’t want to discuss. WAYLAND delivers a song that is the official anthem for survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking. 

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Written by Phillip Vilenski and Mitchel Arnold of the band, along with Michael Gurley, (Dada, Billy Boy On Poison, Butterfly Jones) and Jude Cole, (Lifehouse.) Gurley co-produced the track alongside Shane Soloski at Audioshire Studios (Brian Wilson, Five For Fighting, Ed Kowalcyck.) Mixed by Florian Ammon (Rammstein, U2, Neil Young, and Mariah Carey) and mastered by Dave Collins (Alice In Chains, Weezer, Sound Garden, Sting, Lincoln Park, Metallica.) The band was joined by Eliza James (Shakira, Nicki Minaj, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, and Disturbed) who played the live string arrangement and Kenley Shea (Billy Ray Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Alice In Chains) who sang backing vocals. This song is an anthem for survivors of human trafficking, sexual abuse and domestic violence. 


Michael Gurley brought the unfinished song in a co-writing session to the band in 2014 and after completing the track, the band began playing it on the road to an unexpected and overwhelming crowd reaction. The band had no idea so many listeners had lived the very story they were telling. The first meeting band manager Alyssa Hoffman took on their behalf was with Rock Against Trafficking three years later in a full circle moment. 


The band began selling tshirts on the road with 100% of profits benefiting the organization, co-produced the anti-human trafficking film, “Unseen” in 2019 with Mother & Daughter Entertainment and played the annual gala for survivors for nonprofit and international organization Forever Found. The band aligned itself over the past three years with additional organizations including Operation Underground Railroad, Destiny Rescue, Unseen, and an organization by the same name, “No More” in an effort to reach as many ears and hearts as possible to share the important message behind the song that releases in perfect timing right now. 


Phillip Vilenski says, “The song’s “soul” purpose is to bring awareness and shed light onto the darkest darkness there is, which is sexual abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking. “When we first wrote the song we didn’t have a personal connection to any of the events we were singing about but after learning and listening first hand to accounts from survivors, we offered the most powerful thing we have directly from our hearts, and that’s the music.” 


To learn more about the reality of the atrocity that is human trafficking, please visit our partners, www.ourrescue.org, www.foreverfound.org, www.nomore.org, www.destinyrescue.org


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