Weatherstate blast off in new single/video “Current Dose”

Weatherstate are back with a brand new single and music video. The Weymouth punk band has today shared “Current Dose,” an exploration of space, time, and riffs produced by Alan Day (Four Year Strong).

“It was actually one of the first songs we wrote for the new record and the first we worked on with Alan Day,” the band shares. “It’s one of the grittiest songs we’ve written to date. We ended up tuning the guitars super low on one side and leaning into the riffs with Alan.

“The bridge section is just noisy nonsense, we ended up stealing an idea from Nirvana’s Drain You and started spraying deodorant cans into microphones in the studio. Current Dose to me has loads of Foo’s energy. We jokingly referred to this song as “if QOTSA wrote Welcome To Paradise” haha.”

On the music video they add: “The music video is our most ambitious to date and part of the arching story we’ve been telling for the best part of this year. It was a pleasure bringing so many ideas to life and swinging for the o-zone in terms of ambition (literally and figuratively) with our long time director Ben Pollard. We simply wanted to divulge into this tongue-in-cheek / B-movie space adventure and we couldn’t be more stoked on how it turned out. Just nonsense really.”

Weymouth punk band Weatherstate are back with a bang in 2021. Since releasing their debut album Born A Cynic via Failure By Design Records in 2019, the band have been busy playing gigs (both IRL when that was allowed and on the internet when it was necessary) and continually working on new music. Their hooky, melodic riffs, 90s throwback feel with a modern twist and hard-working DIY ethic caught the attention of awesome independent label Rude Records, who are set to release the band’s second album in 2021.

Led by vocalist and guitarist Harry Hoskins, Weatherstate’s line-up is completed by guitarist Callan Milward, Joe Hogan on bass, and drummer Toby Wrobel. They’ve risen to the challenges that COVID has posed and, whilst the pandemic threw a bit of a spanner in the works, the band have been working with Four Year Strong’s Alan Day to produce new songs with them, albeit remotely.

“I feel Alan really taught us a lot about how to approach a song and see the potential in having an open mind on songwriting,” enthuses Callan about the process and connection. “We really wanted to level up and evolve as a band. I feel the first single we’re releasing – ‘Hangar’ – is evidence of that. He’s a super talented dude and has great vision in the potential of new music.”

“It goes without saying but doing everything remotely has been a massive challenge and an interesting obstacle to overcome,” continues Callan. “Especially for us, as we have been pretty traditionalist when it comes to writing. I feel we handled it in the best way we could, considering the international side of things too. With pre-production, we had to have some late nights because of the time-zone differences. Neil Kennedy at The Ranch really nailed the engineering and Alan smashed the mix over in the States. All I can say is that you can work miracles over Zoom these days.”

Weatherstate will return with more new music later this year. Stay tuned for more information at

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