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We recently introduced you to a great new band, Death Valley Dreams from PA and today we are pleased to bring you an interview with them.

* * * * INTERVIEW * * * *

Music Junkie Press: Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. We are so excited about the new band after we took a listen to the new music!  Can you tell us about how Death Valley Dreams came about?

Death Valley Dreams:  

Thank you for your time and support!

We all wanted to be in a band, not a “project”. We are doing it for all the right reasons. We all seemed to be in the same place and headspace at the same time. Got together,  jammed and it felt great, so here we are…  The separate journeys we have all taken led us here together as one….

Music Junkie Press: We understand you guys played your first show last month, how did that go and when is your next show?

Jon: it was our worst show ever, our best show ever, but was also our first show ever. People really seemed to dig it and it felt great, so i would say success.

Nick:  it was a show for a friend of ours. His son is battling cancer.  We really wanted to show our support.

Ryan:  i signed a boob…..

Check out video of The Darker Years from their first show:

Music Junkie Press: That sounds like it was a great night with ups and downs but especially for a great cause. You got us all begging for more with the video featuring The Darker Years from your show. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind that song?

Jon:  Observing people chase the things they want, but neglecting the things they need.

Music Junkie Press: That is definitely something that we see too much of. Where are you at with your new music and is there any music available or set to release?

Nick:  We’re releasing an EP on January 15.  It will be available digitally worldwide and physical copies from our website.  We’re also going to be touring in early 2016.

Music Junkie Press: We are very excited for the release and can’t wait for touring! You guys have a great energy to your music and I must say Words Like Fire grabbed my attention right away. Can you tell me more about that song?

Jon:  The insecurity of liars.

Music Junkie Press: The music scene has undergone so many changes in the past decade, what is something that you guys would like to see changed?

Ryan: We would love to see more “real” music and “real” bands.  Not this manufactured crap you hear everywhere….lol

Nick:  We get it, computers are cool…

We use them too.  The production is great but it’s just lacking soul.

Jon:  nothing….  i think there’s more access to music now then ever before, which gives people the opportunity to find new artists and music that the mainstream doesn’t give you.

Music Junkie Press: If you could go back to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give to yourself?

Jon:  I think both my minds would be blown ? Is that two or one mind?  How does that work?  Time machine?  I would be doing this interview from my island with my monkey …. too much to list.

Nick:   You’re only as good as your last show…..

Ryan:  It wouldn’t have mattered what i said to myself because i wouldn’t have listened anyway.

Music Junkie Press: We at Music Junkie Press are strong believers that music can help, heal, inspire someone, do you have a particular memory or song that might have helped you through a trying time?

Nick:  Pink Floyd has helped me through some dark times i guess.  mostly when it stopped me from freaking out on LSD hahahaha

Jon:  yes… music is a constant companion for everyone.  “disintegration” by the cure is a personal favorite of mine that has certainly provided some therapy on occasion if I had to name one record..

Ryan:  “seasons in the sun” by Terry Jacks.  When my grandfather passed away.

Music Junkie Press: We are almost upon the holidays, how about some Holiday questions:

Death Valley Dreams: nope….just kidding haha

Music Junkie Press: What is a holiday tradition that you might have done as a child and look forward to doing or has left a great memory with you?

Death Valley Dreams: just spending time with family and friends.  we’re non traditionalists.

Music Junkie Press: Do you have a favorite or standout holiday decoration or ornament?

Jon:  I like it all………

Nick:  I have Mr. Hanky on my tree….so I guess that

Music Junkie Press: What is the oddest gift you have ever received?

Ryan:  coal……true story

Nick:  I got a ventriloquist doll one year……creepy as hell.  I still have him haha.

Jon:  a dreidel…….I’m not jewish

Music Junkie Press: What is your favorite holiday food or drink item?

Ryan:  mashed potatoes

Jon:  cookies…..i love cookies

Nick:  turduckens are pretty delicious.

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, we look forward to what 2016 will bring to Death Valley Dreams, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience or your fans?

Death Valley Dreams: We look forward to getting on the road and meeting all of you.  Thank you!


They definitely have an infectious new sound that I have been craving. In case you need more of a Death Valley Dreams fix, check out their song, Words Like Fire song. I am just blown away by the energy they bring to their music, vocals that just grab your attention and a beat that will get you moving.  Check it out here:

This will be one band to keep your eyes on since they will be on the rise! Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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