NEW RELEASE: Livia Blanc channels her love for retro with release of infectious debut EP Amour Amour

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Livia Blanc is ready to set the music scene ablaze with the release of her debut EP Amour Amour. Livia brings to life the nostalgic passion and beauty of 1960’s cinema art with her music. It is captivating and infectious.  Get ready for Livia to take you on a retro ride with her new EP. Take a listen below:

Take a listen to the new EP here:


We had the chance to chat with Livia and are pleased to bring you a bit of that here:


MJP: All we can say is “WOW!” It is a beautiful EP with these great songs that bring to life the nostalgia of so many strong beautiful women from the 1960’s cinema era.  Where did your love for that era come from?

Merci!! I think growing up they were just women I looked up to and admired. Strong, beautiful and revolutionary. I have always had a thing for everything retro. My favorite movies are in black and white and I almost only listen to music on vinyl from the 60’s and 70’s. Maybe I was born in the wrong decade??



MJP: We all agree that music knows no boundaries, including language.  Your songs that you speak in your native French captures the true romantic essence and emotional connection.  How was it during the recording process to capture the raw emotion of these songs?

I try not to overthink my lyrics too much. Writing this EP came from a place of raw emotion and i guess the words just flowed. I tried to be honest and once I felt comfortable with that the lyrics just came to me.

I have tons of books that I write in constantly. Always handwritten – it’s important. The shape of worlds and letters means a lot to me. i am a very visual person.  As I go through the lyrics, sometimes a sentence or even just a word would stand out and the rest of the song would write itself.


MJP: You have such a great rich culture, being born in the South of France and raised in Tahiti, now living in Brooklyn, do you bring a little bit of everything together in your style?

Thank you. Yes, as I mentioned earlier I try to be as honest as I can. It’s impossible for me to hide from what I am or where I am from. My life is the inspiration of all my creative projects and whether I realize it or not I carry it all with me always. Both the good and the bad.


MJP: Do you have any favorites from home that you miss most?

Of course, I miss my island! The people, the music, the beaches, the flowers. I miss it all the time and that inspired my single “Chocolat Cafe Passion” a lot. But what I miss the most is the food. I love to eat. Tahitian cuisine and French cuisine are just delightful.

 That being said I live in the city that has some of the best chefs in the world so I can’t complain too much. I just have yet to find a Tahitian restaurant here in New York – then I’ll be fine.


MJP: After this release, will you be heading out on tour? We would love for you to play in San Francisco. Your music demands to be performed in the perfect intimate venue that carries the beauty and nostalgia that your music has.

That’s the plan. We have a lot going on with the second EP almost all written out so it will be a quick one. I will be in Europe most of August and I want to get back to recording soon. I am excited to enter this new chapter of my life.

I love playing in New York but I’m curious to explore the west coast.


MJP: Have you always been writing songs from a young age?

Yes. I used to write in English though. I loved classic American pop culture growing up. I was writing poetry and had my journals in French but I started combining those into songs once I began to collaborate with Andrew Horowitz and Coyle Girelli. They gave me a confidence and the self-belief that I hadn’t had before. The French musical heritage is so rich filled with some of the greatest ever composers and lyricists.


MJP:  How old were you when you decided that music would be your journey?

Technically the first concert I ever went to was Ravi Shankar, I was 18 months old and according to my Dad I wouldn’t stop singing along. I was apparently fascinated by the sound the sitar was making in that church and wouldn’t stop singing. Naturally they kicked us out. I guess one can say my journey started then. I haven’t stopped singing since.


MJP: What is next after this EP?

We are already working on our second EP and I guess combined together with couple of surprises we’ll release my first album. How exciting!


MJP: If you could go back to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give yourself?

Do not get that tramp stamp.


MJP: With today’ digital age, do you ever find yourself having to step back and disconnect from the overwhelming presence of social media or do you embrace it?

I embrace it. I guess it is a generational thing. I grew into it. I studied film making and photography so Instagram is a platform I can have fun with. I spend hours creating collages and editing videos for my page. But that said, put me on a beach with a pina colada and my ukulele and I can be happy forever.


MJP: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience and your fans?

I love couscous

I hope you head over and pick up the new EP. Make sure to visit her social media sites so you can stay up to date on her latest news.

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