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Interview with The Fame Riot as they bring nasty beats and truthful melodies to the stage out on their tour!

November 23, 2016

  We recently brought you our coverage of The Fame Riot as they performed in San Francisco along with Radkey at the Neck of the Woods. It was quite a show and what will be a rare treat to catch these amazing bands in an intimate venue setting. I completely believe that it won’t be long that they will be playing large capacity venues as they explode onto the music scene. The Fame Riot features brothers Liz and Shazam. They truly are incredible and dish up “feel good” music that has you dancing and letting go of any concerns or stress. Their music brings out a nostalgic vibe of 70’s glam/rock as well as the infectious style of 90’s alternative/dance, and a heaping side of modern day electro pop. You can’t just box them into any one genre, as they defy the boundaries and have successfully created their own unique style of music, complete with a dazzling fierce fashion style. We had a chance to chat with Liz and Shazam ahead of their performance at the Neck [Read More]


Check out the new video Oh You from Mickey Cupid and get a FREE EP Download

December 17, 2014

Ok, let’s face it we all love pop music. I have interviewed many bands over the years and I always ask them they question of “What song or artist is in your Ipod that would surprise us?”. Yes, even the hardcore,  metal and punk bands will answer with a catchy pop song and I love their honesty in their answers. Yes, we love pop music, it is feel good music that is simple and enjoyable. I would like to introduce you to Mickey Cupid which features Marcus Harmon and Matt Nannetti. Mickey Cupid bring their refreshing electro-pop sound to life in their infectiously melodic track, Oh You. They have just released a video for the song and you can check it out here: This song was a collaborative effort,” explains Marcus, describing mainly the songwriting but also harkening the transcontinental makeup of the band – Marcus in NYC and Matt in Belgium. “We both split the lyric and melody writing. The song is basically about how relationships can be so mysterious, destructive and also very [Read More]