Catch Scott Stapp out on the MAKE AMERICA ROCK AGAIN Tour.



Scott Stapp is currently out on the Make America Rock Again Tour and it is definitely a great one!  We caught Scott Stapp last year out on this tour and it was one of our highlight shows of 2016. He blew us away with his magical awe-inspiring performance.  In an interview with Scott back in 2014, we talked about what he most looks forward to out on the road and he explained this feeling,

“I look forward to this feeling that I get onstage… compared to an athlete being “in the zone”. It keeps me fired up and passionate and I want that feeling, and I strive to go to that place live where you almost feel like you are not in control but you have no fear. You feel you can hit every note, physically you feel great, you feel completely in the spirit of the vibe and the feeling, and connected with all your senses but again you feel like there is something else. That is a feeling I live for…. It is something between the fans and myself and the spirit in that room.”

Well, that night in the Mystic Theater it was evident that the feeling was present as he performed an amazing set that not only took us on a journey of emotion but had us rockin out from start to finish. It was simply magical. We spoke to many fans after the set that shared their amazement of the night, categorizing the show as one of their top concerts ever seen. I have to wholeheartedly agree with them. It was truly sensational. The band sounded spot on, the light show: captivating, the energy and passion of Scott: endless. Remarkable from start to finish. Before Scott exited the stage, he was beaming and I was fully confident that he had experienced”that feeling” that night.

Now the chance is yours to witness Scott’s incredible live performance. Check the dates below:

Tickets and VIP Packages available at

VIP’s will have access to an Exclusive soundcheck party, Meet and greet and photo, Limited edition signed laminate and a Signed 8×10 lithos.

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