Concert review: The Pretty Reckless with The Cruel Knives – Munich. By Alex Bock


Munich, Backstage Werk, February 3rd, 2017

Another sold out show at the Backstage. The Pretty Reckless, the band around the actor/model Taylor Momsen, made a stop in Munich during their tour through Europe and the UK. Soon as I came around the corner, I saw the massive line of people queuing for the show. It was one hour before show time then.

The line moved slow, but steadily, so on time for the show to begin, the venue was already packed with people.

TPR brought one band along on tour. Some people might have recognized at least two people on that stage, Sid Glover and Rob Ellershaw, Heavens Basements’ former string section. They formed a new band called The Cruel Knives, which they just recently announced to their fans on facebook. Their sound doesn’t differ that much from Heavens Basement. It has great sing alongs and their performance definitely invited the crowd to dance and party along. They are currently working on their debut EP, which they’re crowdfunding via pledgemusic. Go check for the chance to be part of the creating process and get one of a kind and limited edition stuff from the band.

Properly heated up by the opening act, the now fully packed venue was waiting for The Pretty Reckless to enter the stage. A few minutes after 9 pm the band finally entered the stage one by one accompanied by a cheering crowd that had it’s climax when Taylor Momsen came on last. From beginning to the end of the show, the fans were singing along the songs and hanging on every word Momsen said. The band’s latest record ‘Who You Selling For’ was released in October 2016.

They started the show off with the song ‘Follow Me Down’ from the 2014 record ‘Going To Hell’. This was followed by ‘Since You’re Gone’ from the band’s debut full length ‘Light Me Up’ from the year 2010. They played a 16 songs set with songs old and new. People were dancing and singing along throughout the whole set, but well-known songs like ‘Heavens Knows’ and ‘Take Me Down’ really had the place shaking. Here’s the set list of that night

  1. Follow Me Down
  2. Since You’re Gone
  3. Oh My God
  4. Hangman
  5. Make Me Wanna Die
  6. My Medicine
  7. Prisoner
  8. Sweet Things
  9. Light Me Up
  10. Who You Selling For
  11. Just Tonight
  12. Living In The Storm
  13. Heaven Knows
  14. Going To Hell
  15. Take Me Down
  16. Fucked Up World

Last song and encore was ‘Fuck Up World’. It was intermitted by an extensive drum solo, usually a filler during the sets, at that point showing the potential of the bands’ drummer Jamie Perkins.


On  February 9th The Pretty Reckless will release their new single ‘Oh My God’. Make sure to check the song out, live and on record/video/MP3.

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The Cruel Knives

The Pretty Reckless

~ Contributed by Alex Bock,



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