First Spotlight of 2017 goes to Jonny Couch



The first Spotlight of 2017 goes to Jonny Couch. Jonny released one of our favorite vinyls of 2016. He released his debut EP, Animal Instinct in November 2016. The five song EP was pressed on vinyl with digital card on Jonny’s own Damaged Sofa Records.

Longtime drummer on the NY music scene, Jonny Couch has come from behind the kit in his new self-named band to get behind the microphone. On his forthcoming 5 song EP, Animal Instinct, he plays drums, organ and synths on all tracks.

While Jonny has a band behind him in a live setting, he plays drums and keyboards on the record. Jonny combines styles from years in NYC playing punk rock in the mid-aughts with The Choke (who toured with Buzzcocks and other punk rock luminaries) and earlier this decade with his dance-pop act LoveCryme (whose vocalist went on to do choreography for Kiesza). The resulting sound? A leather capped New Romantic disguised as Brando-Elvis belting out anthemic heartbreak missives of pain.

The EP was recorded in Savannah, GA at Dollhouse Productions by Peter Mavrogeorgis (The National, Grinderman, Philip Glass). The songs harken back to early 80’s power pop. The synths stand out more on the recordings, but make no mistake, Jonny is a rocker at heart and the guitar drives a gritty live show. There is plenty of raw rock attitude coming from the vocal presentation. The band Sparks often come up as a stylistic influence as do the Ramones and Blondie. Jonny hasn’t totally left behind the garage roots of his Pittsburgh & Cleveland scenes, where he lived prior to NYC.

The striking artwork on the 12” was directed by David Nathan Allen, whose long album cover history goes back to Iggy Pop & James Williamson’s Kill City, The Dickies, The Police, and probably most iconic of all, Devo’s Freedom Of Choice. The Animal Instinct model with cigarette takes on a Roxy Music visual approach for the modern era.


Video to check out: Really Want to Touch

Stay tuned as Jonny  has been busy recording and is set to release a full length in 2017! You can catch Jonny perform on January 18th at BERLIN in NYC’s East Village with The Jeanies.

We will see if we can bring you an interview soon with Jonny! Meanwhile, check out the other videos by Jonny Couch:

Order the Animal Instinct EP :



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