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Sygnal To Noise is our Band of the Day

March 23, 2015

  Today’s Band of the Day goes to a great Modern Rock band, Sygnal To Noise .  They bring out a great Rock n Roll style complete with melodic vocals and 90’s influence. They have just released a great new video for their song Broken which highlights emotionally driven lyrics and vocals that connect the listener. Sygnal To Noise members: Coopa – guitar, Lead Vocals Austin Cooper – Drums “Dirty Dave” Graham- Guitar James Leonard – Guitar Casey Chick – Bass Genre:  Modern rock Location: Biddeford, Maine Feature: Melodic rock sound with tints of 90’s alternative Music: Debut EP Without Color available on iTunes Songs to Check out:  Fed – Up Video to check out: Broken Sygnal To Noise will be playing with Buckcherry on May 31st at Rock The Block in Lawrence, MA. Also another uppcoming Show:   Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. ~ Marisol Information & Links: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:

Band of the Day

Kickin Valentina is our Band of the Day

March 21, 2015

  Today’s Band of the Day goes to a kick ass Rock n Roll band, Kickin Valentina. Kickin Valentina are from Atlanta, GA and they deliver an incredibly infectious sleazy rock and roll with a side of groove that will keep you moving! They are just about to release their new album, Super Atomic this April 28th on Highway 9 Records. They album was recorded at Muse Productions Studio with renowned Producer/Engineer Andy Reilly (Bruce Dickinson, UFO, Cradle of Filth, Asia, The Quireboys.  The album will definitely deliver a straight up shot of rock n roll that will put an end to the rumor that rock is dead. Powerful vocals, kick ass guitars and catchy choruses will have you instantly hooked. Kickin Valentina members: Heber Pampillon – Guitar Jimmy Berdine – Drums Joe Edwards – Vocals Chris Taylor – Bass Genre:  Rock and Roll, Sleaze, Location: Atlanta, GA Feature: Gruff infectious vocals, wild guitars, in your face rock n roll Music: Upcoming album Super Atomic can be pre-ordered here: Songs to Check out:  Wrong Way Video to check out: [Read More]

Band of the Day

Saint Ridley is our Band of the Day

March 10, 2015

Today’s Band of the Day goes to a band we just saw for the first time in San Francisco opening for Coal Chamber at The Regency Ballroom. They are Saint Ridley and they were awesome. It was a shame that they had an opening time earlier than stated on the tickets because we talked to so many people who came in at the last song and were bummed they missed them. They were incredible. They delivered a straight up dose of hard rock/heavy metal with a Pantera vibe. In no way imitating, since this band definitely has their own signature sound for you to fall in love with. Their high energy set completely blew us away and we really look forward to their return to the Bay Area. Saint Ridley members: Paul Ridley: Vocals Matt Dalton: Guitar, Vocals David Flynn: Guitar, Vocals Cody Denis: Bass Rich Schlager: Drums Genre:  Rock/Metal Location: Detroit, Michigan Feature: Nice dose of heavy dark hard rock wrapped in fierce metal. Great energy and stage performance, Pantera vibe Music: Fool or a King available [Read More]

Band of the Day

I Prevail is our Band of the Day

February 23, 2015

  Today’s Band of the Day goes to the fast rising post hardcore band I Prevail from Detroit. They have been garnering a lot of attention spanning the genres for their incredible cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space.  From the first time I heard it, I was blown away with how they completely did an amazing job at taking the pop song and making it their own. When asked why the band chose to cover “Blank Space,” drummer Lee  shares “I enjoy her music.  She is one of the most successful artists of our generation.  We hoped to reach a lot of people with our style of music together with her popularity.”  Lead guitarist Steve adds, “I think the success of our cover shows that a great song is a great song, no matter the genre or style.  We wanted to cover a song that had mass appeal and could reach beyond the rock, metal and hardcore world.  Beyond that, we honestly all like Taylor Swift.  You can call it a guilty pleasure, but she’s damn [Read More]

Alternative Rock

The Phantoms are our Band of the Day

February 16, 2015

Today’s Band of the Day goes to The Phantoms  from West Lothian, Scotland. This four piece rock band have a drive and passion for their music that shines through their rock. They have gained a lot of exposure across Scotland with their debut EP This Is How It Should Be. They are set to release their new single, Wasting Time next month but you can check out the catchy new track in their video which was directed, cut and shot by Stuart Breadner. The Phantoms are: Colin Simpson – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar Colin McKillop – Lead Guitar Peter Stewart – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals Blair Cullen – Drums   Genre:  Rock/Alternative/Indie Location: West Lothian, Scotland Feature: Infectious energy, upbeat tempo rock songs, alternative infused, fresh new sound Music: EP This is How It Should Be  released in 2013 and available on iTunes here: Song to Check out:  We’re Coming For You Video to check out: Wasting Time We will try and bring you an interview with them soon. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to [Read More]

Alternative Rock

18th and Addison is our Band of the Day

February 6, 2015

Today’s Band of the Day goes to a 18th & Addison from Toms River, NJ. What began as an acoustic duo featuring Tom Kunzman who  was formerly in the band A Criminal Risk and DiBenedetto was one of MTV’s first recording artist with her band Just Kait (she is also the guitarist in the band What’s Eating Gilbert, the side project of Chad Gibert of New Found Glory) has since developed into a full live band. Together these two have come together and created their alternative rock sound cultivated from their influences of melodic rock, pop, punk and much more. They are capturing and bring back the honesty in music which is something so many bands strive for.  Kait explains,  “The goal for us has always been to push this music in a direction that neither one of us had ever attempted”. Since we’re both from two totally opposite ends of the musical spectrum, especially in our town’s music scene, that has come pretty easily to us. We now play live with a full band and the [Read More]

Band of the Day

Final Drive is our Band of the Day

February 4, 2015

Today’s Band of the Day goes to Final Drive from St. Louis, Missouri. This is one amazing band that have successfully created their own signature sound that blends southern groove with metal and thrash. Their high energy style has been incredible to catch live. Their music brings out heavy riffs, powerful intense vocals and a sound that will infect you and hook you from the first listen. They have a really cool video out for Exit Underground that I hope you check out! Final Drive is: Nathan Easter – Guitar Chris Nanney – Guitar Jordan Gaw – Vocals Alex Wheeler – Drums Ray Tucker – Bass   Genre:  Metal, Thrash, Southern Groove Metal Location: St. Louis, Missouri Feature: They have created their own signature sound that blends in thrash metal with Southern Groove. Infectious aggressive guitars, powerful vocals, heavy riffs, fierce drums. Music: Lifeswork  album through their site here: as well as on iTunes: Song to Check out:  Run For Your Life Video to check out: Exit Underground   They recently just finished up the No Exit Tour and we look [Read More]