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Spotlight band: Fearless Vampire Killers are BACK!

March 12, 2022

What fans have hoped for, ever since the band split up five years ago, got confirmed yesterday – Fearless Vampire Killers are BACK! A few weeks ago, a show was announced at the Black Heart in Camden Town, London. The band’s name was After The Flames. Soon after the announcements, there were first talks about this being a secret show of Fearless Vampire Killers. No one was sure, but there were certain signs. The show was sold-out pretty quick and hopes were high. So…fast forward to yesterday night….and hopes were fulfilled – Fearless Vampire Killers are truly back!!! By now the band’s Facebook page got updated and the band shared a video on their youtube page, where Kier Kemp (guitar and vocals) and Laurence Beveridge (guitar and vocals) talk about past, present, and future. Fearless Vampire Killers always had a close connection to their fanbase. That seems to never have broken. Everyone, keep your eyes open for what’s about to come. Meanwhile, check out some of their hits from a while back, like “Maeby”, “All [Read More]

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Spotlight band: Motionless In White announce new album and share brand-new song/video “Cyberhex”

March 11, 2022

After a few days of teasing, Motionless In White shared their newest track “Cyberhex” today. It comes with a futuristic visualizer video, produced by Logan Beaver and Ricky Olson. The band also announced their anxiously awaited new album “Scoring The End Of The World”, which will be released June 10th via Roadrunner Records. Singer Chris Motionless on the new project: “‘Cyberhex’ is my love letter to you, our fans, for everything you have done for me over the course of some of the most mentally taxing few years I’ve had to go through. At times where I felt like my world was ending, as well as the world around us, it was always in my mind that I was able to turn to the special relationship we have created together for help, and I cannot thank you enough for that. Outside of my own personal experiences, it has been equally as fulfilling to me to see that in the face of tireless forces that continue to try and perpetuate hatred and negativity towards so many [Read More]

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Spotlight Band: Check out Latvian classic rockers Quickstrike and their latest video”Rebel Radio”

January 3, 2022

If one of your resolutions for 2022 is to check out new bands, I have a great one for you to start with. Latvian classic rockers Quickstrike are set to release their debut album “None of a Kind” on February 11th via Rockshot Records. The high energy band is ready to fuel you up with nonstop 80’s era rock n roll. About the band A no-nonsense experience of raw guitars, sweet tones, genuine vocals, and sweet emotions, each Quickstrike song is an event of its own and it’s all real to reel. Offering an all-around chamber of good ol’ classic rock n’ roll, the band delivers an authentic “what-you-get-on-the-record-is-what-you-get-live” experience. Take it or leave it, no refunds, as you will not want any – guaranteed. They are an encounter that will leave you dazed, amazed, crazed, and definitely craving for more. From beautiful harmonies to flamin’ high-octane performances (literally). This is a package that has been missing since the likes of Aerosmith and Guns n’ Roses. This is a band you can’t afford to miss.Establishing [Read More]

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Spotlight Band: Interview with thrash metal rockers Crystal Shades

June 11, 2021

  Just in time for the weekend, we are ready to give you an adrenaline filled punch of metal and rock with emerging rockers, Crystal Shades. This band is one you want to keep your eyes on as they are set to make their mark on the music scene. Bringing in blends of old style thrash metal and hard rock, you can’t help but bang your head, put your hands in the air and unleash your energy! We had the opportunity to exchange videos for an interview and are pleased to bring that to you here: Check out a couple of their videos here:     Their new music is exactly what we need more of and now it’s time to pick up some cool merch and crank up Crystal Shades for your neighbors! The band are working on new music so make sure to head over to their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. Information & Links: Facebook: Spotify: Youtube: Instagram: Merch site:

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Spotlight Band: The Camel City Blackouts deliver your much needed fix of punk rock!

February 23, 2021

  We have all been struggling through Covid times, but with good music it all seems much more bearable. I am pleased to bring you our next Spotlight band, one that will deliver a much needed fix of punk rock that will get your adrenaline flowing. They capture the punk angst energy of Flogging Molly or Rancid, all the while, creating their own unique sound to capture your attention and have you hooked.  Check out The Camel City Blackouts! The band which consists of  the 2 original members Derek Gilreath and Ryan Sizemore and was born out of a mutual love of punk rock and drinking. Hailing from Winston Salem, North Carolina they are ready to grab your attention with their latest release of Another Night. They tell us about the inspiration for the new track: The inspiration behind our song “Another Night” in general is escaping addiction and then going back to that addiction. The story for me and this song starts with living in 2020’s quarantine. Out of boredom I fell back into [Read More]


Shining the spotlight on Dez Money and his new release I’ll Be There For You

October 15, 2020

We are ready to shine the spotlight on Dez Money as he releases lyric video for his infectious new track, I’ll Be There For You. Dez is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and musician who has been surrounded by music his whole life, being the son of the iconic rocker, Eddie Money. We had the great opportunity to catch Dez play with Eddie in his band several years ago. During those shows, Dez opened up and played some of his own music and we were instantly drawn to his style.  His music brings to life an indie/alternative rock vibe, complete with compelling lyrics and emotionally driven vocals.  Check out his new track here: Make sure to visit the social media sites and stay up to date on his latest news. Information & Links Website: Facebook: Twitter:


Shining the Spotlight on Steve Kilbey and his new solo album, Eleven Women

October 9, 2020

Steve Kilbey released a new solo album in September and it is a must to listen to! He released Eleven Women, a collection is at once whimsical yet personal. About the album, The album leads us through a shimmering whirlwind of encounters. After the disarming love song ‘Baby Poe’ we are plunged headlong into the dark world of ‘Doris McAllister,’ an evil witch who takes us ‘by the bells’. We are regaled by the Celtic wistfulness of ‘Josephine’ as she forbiddingly awaits her ‘wine & roses’ while ‘Birdeen,’ a greedy lorikeet with a sweet tooth, beguiles us with infectious bounce & color. Eleven Women is full of melodic invention & lyrical surprises. Singling out tracks for special mention is frankly impossible since this album consists entirely of highlights. Amongst these however the timelessly beautiful  ‘Think of You’ shines brightly. This song has the unmistakeable stamp of eternity & evokes a sense of having existed since music began. Kilbey released a video for his song, Sheba Chiba and it truly captures his signature vocals and compelling lyrics.The video brings to life a nostalgic retro vibe. Check out the video here: The [Read More]