SPOTLIGHT BAND: Check out the new video from Princess Goes

August 24, 2023

Princess Goes is the charismatic trio from New York City led by vocalist, lyricist, musician and actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under, Lazarus) alongside keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie, Cyndi Lauper) and drummer Peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers, Morningwood). The band is set to release their sophomore full length album, Come of Age on October 6th via the SO In De Goot label.  Ahead of the release, they have just released their second track, BLUR which is accompanied by a cinematic haunting video with artful visuals directed by the award-winning Tim Richardson (Sir Elton John, Billie Eilish), the official video finds Michael C. Hall stuck in a black hole as he croons these haunting lyrics “At best I’m but a blur, if you remember me at all. Fuzzy memories playing on your basement VCR. Found the final payphone, dropped my change and made the call. Picked up – whispered last room on the left. End of the hall.” Matt Katz-Bohen comments, “‘BLUR’ opens with a classic Juno-106 synth drone, evoking the early 80’s, flirting with [Read More]


Get electrified with Norway rockers new track Flicking the Bees

June 22, 2023

  Electric High hailing from Bergen, Norway are a blend of alternative rock and hard rock with a burst of old style rock n roll. They have released their new single, Flicking the Bees. About the track This swaggering rock ’n’ stroller came out of the usual collab between Electric High’s most active songwriters, PV Staff and Marius Mørch. The idea was to create an Electric High song that would stand in contrast to the band’s many more upbeat past releases. The band collectively tapped into the idea and created a track that builds in intensity throughout, from a pretty light-headed, easy-going start, to ending in a quite frantic vibe, with the characteristic screaming from the two lead singers, PV Staff and Olav Iversen. The lyrics pretty much bring across the message that if your keep on flicking the bees, they will eventually get back at you and sting you fiercely. It’s gonna hurt. So don’t act stupid. Stop wasting time on silly stuff. Do good. Be cool. And you’ll be alright. Flicking the Bees was [Read More]


VIDEO ALERT: Check out Love Bite from Big Red Fire Truck

June 14, 2023

Oh hell yeah!  I love it when I hear about a band for the first time and get instantly HOOKED! Today that band is Big Red Fire Truck. These Australian rockers are satisfying my need for ROCK!! About the band: BIG RED FIRE TRUCK began in 2016 as a project by Digby to write some fun heavy metal and hard rock songs and fulfil his need to hear new music in the style of his beloved bands. Taking inspiration from the likes of VAN HALEN, RECKLESS LOVE, THE DARKNESS, AEROSMITH, SUM 41, and CRAZY LIXX, the quartet pay homage to previous generations of hard rock while delivering their own distinctive character. Band Members: Digby (Guitar and Lead Vocals) Ben Frank (Guitar) Pete Grant (Drums and Vocals) Nick Frazier (Bass) They have just released a video for their killer track “Love Bite”. The song is from their upcoming EP Trouble In Paradise which is out on August 4th, 2023. The band comments, “‘Love Bite’ is a personal reflection of my experiences in the music industry and its comparison [Read More]

Band of the Day

The Word Alive share new single “Nocturnal Future”

November 17, 2022

The Word Alive are back! Two years after the release of their latest album ‘Monomania” the band released a new track today. “Nocturnal Future” is the first single without former guitarist Tony Pizzuti and drummer Matt Horn, which departed from the band about a year ago. Vocalist Telle Smith on the new song: „‚Nocturnal Future‘ is meant to be unexpected, and from the moment it starts I think you feel a new energy in the music we haven’t captured before. I wanted to encapsulate all of the things our fans have loved into one song, intricate guitars, flashy yet tasteful drums, meaningful lyrics and melodies you’ll want to sing along too. Lyrically, it’s a call to each of us to try to do more in a world seemingly hell bent on destroying itself. By the end of the song we want you to have pictured yourself at our show losing your mind, hopefully we’ll see you soon!“ Over the past months, the band has been working on album number seven, which can be expected in 2023. [Read More]

Band of the Day

We Came As Romans – new record “Darkbloom” out TODAY

October 13, 2022

Metalcore legends We Came As Romans released their new album “Darkbloom” today. It’s their first new album in five years and also the first one after the passing of Kyle Pavone. So it’s safe to say, this record was highly anticipated. Speaking on the highly anticipated news of the release of their new album, We Came As Romans guitarist, Josh Moore shares: “We are so excited to finally be able to announce the release of our next record Darkbloom. This will be our first record in five years, and we want to thank you all for being patient with us as we were figuring out if we could, and how we could continue moving forward as a band. We wrote this record about all the feelings we felt, and all the emotional places we lived in, navigating the loss of our brother Kyle. Every song is about a different part of our lives over the past few years, an insight to the struggles we had, and how we were able to make it to where [Read More]

Band of the Day

Spotlight band: Fearless Vampire Killers are BACK!

March 12, 2022

What fans have hoped for, ever since the band split up five years ago, got confirmed yesterday – Fearless Vampire Killers are BACK! A few weeks ago, a show was announced at the Black Heart in Camden Town, London. The band’s name was After The Flames. Soon after the announcements, there were first talks about this being a secret show of Fearless Vampire Killers. No one was sure, but there were certain signs. The show was sold-out pretty quick and hopes were high. So…fast forward to yesterday night….and hopes were fulfilled – Fearless Vampire Killers are truly back!!! By now the band’s Facebook page got updated and the band shared a video on their youtube page, where Kier Kemp (guitar and vocals) and Laurence Beveridge (guitar and vocals) talk about past, present, and future. Fearless Vampire Killers always had a close connection to their fanbase. That seems to never have broken. Everyone, keep your eyes open for what’s about to come. Meanwhile, check out some of their hits from a while back, like “Maeby”, “All [Read More]

Band of the Day

Spotlight band: Motionless In White announce new album and share brand-new song/video “Cyberhex”

March 11, 2022

After a few days of teasing, Motionless In White shared their newest track “Cyberhex” today. It comes with a futuristic visualizer video, produced by Logan Beaver and Ricky Olson. The band also announced their anxiously awaited new album “Scoring The End Of The World”, which will be released June 10th via Roadrunner Records. Singer Chris Motionless on the new project: “‘Cyberhex’ is my love letter to you, our fans, for everything you have done for me over the course of some of the most mentally taxing few years I’ve had to go through. At times where I felt like my world was ending, as well as the world around us, it was always in my mind that I was able to turn to the special relationship we have created together for help, and I cannot thank you enough for that. Outside of my own personal experiences, it has been equally as fulfilling to me to see that in the face of tireless forces that continue to try and perpetuate hatred and negativity towards so many [Read More]