Custom Sports Apparel Brand PUCK HCKY Announces Three New Heavy Metal Bands to Signing Roster

December 16, 2016

Custom Sports Apparel Brand PUCK HCKY have added three new heavy metal bands to their roster.  Introducing All New ALL HAIL THE YETI, DOYLE and HED PE Hockey Jersey, Flannel, Hoodie and Hat Designs.  Check out the news below: PUCK HCKY ( – the custom hockey apparel brand making big moves in the heavy metal merch world – continues to build its roster of bands by announcing the signings of Canadian hardcore metal group All Hail The Yeti, legendary Misfits guitarist and solo artist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, and Hed PE, the original G Funk-Metal band from Huntington Beach, currently on the road supporting the album Forever. PUCK HCKY is currently offering hockey jerseys, flannel shirts and hats featuring all-custom designs and patches for each artist, with a second delivery for each artist due shortly after the new year. See select design images below: Regarding these three new additions to the PUCK HCKY team roster, Matt Marini, CEO of PUCK HCKY says, “Consider our minds blown! When you’re trying to merge the hockey world with [Read More]

Gear Highlight

Peavey VYPYR PRO 100 Modeling Amp will take the gigging musician to new levels!

May 5, 2016

We are excited to share with your our recent review of the Peavey VYPYR 100 Modeling Amp and Sanpera Pro foot controller. Peavey has created and evolved the amp, complete in it’s own 1×12 combo that delivers a mighty sound along with amazing features that will take the gigging musician to new levels. With it’s attractive price point of around $600 for the VYPYR Pro 100, it is perfect for the entry gigging musician but with all the power and features, it will satisfy even the most seasoned musician! The VYPYR Pro 100 is easy to use for the guitarist and even more versatile for editing. What is very exciting and  something that I don’t think I have found in any other modeling amp out, is the feature of four stages of TransTube analog gain. If you are looking for that rich feel and pure tone, this one will definitely have you hooked. One of the biggest highlighted features of this model is the versatility that this amp brings; giving you 500 presets, 100 different [Read More]

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Guitar Hero Live makes you the rockstar as you take center stage to play!

May 3, 2016

  Activision has brought Guitar Hero to a whole new level with their new Guitar Hero Live Game and the GHTV. The new game puts you on center stage and gives you the experience of playing in front of a live crowd. With the GH Live first person view you will rock out in front of live fans and a full band who may love you or hate you! It is all up to you to become the rockstar and shine. In addition Guitar Hero Live has introduced GHTV which is the world’s first playable music video network. GHTV features continuous broadcast of music videos and you can join in with your controller and play along to all of your favorite songs. You can also earn rewards as you level up and enjoy premium shows like live concerts. We were excited when we saw that they introduced 3 videos from one of our favorite bands, The Struts! The game was easy to play and whether you are a novice gamer, musician, music lover or just [Read More]

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ZConnor Custom launches new website!

April 21, 2016

Many times when we are out covering a concert, we can’t help but be drawn to the fashion of the band. We love musicians who eat, sleep, breath, and live music! It is not only their passion, but it is their lifestyle.  Recently, we caught one of our favorite bands, The Karma Killers out on tour with the Dreamers. They made a stop in San Francisco at the new Social Hall venue and we once again were in love with their clothes!   We came to find out more about their clothing and now are pleased to introduce you to ZConnorCustom which are the custom designs of Zakk Connor out of New Jersey. He has just launched his new website featuring his great original custom designs. You might wonder how and when he first started designing his clothing line and he explains, “I suppose back in October is when I really started to get involved with the clothing, I didn’t realize what it would progress into when I reliced my first shirt. It was a [Read More]


Everybody Wants the Struts and now you can play them in Guitar Hero Live

April 6, 2016

It is a true fact, Everybody does want The Struts!  The Brit rockers have been taking over the music scene with their infectious Brit rock! They blew us away on their recent headlining tour and you check out our coverage of their opening night in Santa Barbara here. Well now, you can have the fun and play The Struts in Guitar Hero Live as three of their songs have just been added! To celebrate their new album, Everybody Wants, Guitar Hero GHTV is introducing three playable music videos from the latest album via the Everybody Wants The Struts Premium Show: The Struts – Could Have Been Me The Struts – Put Your Money On Me The Struts – Kiss This Additionally, the Pop Punk 2002 Premium Show has been added to the GHTV lineup while Back to the 90’s continues into this week with the below tracks: Pop Punk 2002 Sum 41 – Still Waiting Good Charlotte – Lifestyles of The Rich And Famous American Hi-Fi – Flavor Of The Weak Back to the 90’s… [Read More]

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16.Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel are featured on our Countdown to NAMM 2016

January 4, 2016

  Number 16 brings us to our feature on the Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel NAMM BASH! Don’t miss their 2016 NAMM BASH featuring Black ‘n Blue with Dellacoma, Black Powder County, Helldorado and Pandemic Unleashed. Details are below:   Let’s ROCK the Balls off of The NAMM Show withBlack ‘N Blue! GA Single ticket: $20 Click GA Ticket & Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel T-shirt w/ FREE CD & Stickers package $30 (A $44.95 value) Click here: Single ticket with NAMM Badge $15. Inquire at Event page:   NOTE: NAMM is an industry only event, see if you qualify for NAMM membership at For more details on NAMM 2016, visit their website at About The NAMM Foundation The NAMM Foundation is a nonprofit organization funded in part by the National Association of Music Merchants and its 9,900 members. The Foundation’s mission is to advance active participation in music making across the lifespan by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs. For more information about the NAMM Foundation, please visit Stay tuned as [Read More]

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Wendigo Tea Co. satisfies tea enthusiasts and novices alike with their rich premium teas

August 25, 2015

Sky White of Foxy Shazam developed his love for tasting and experiencing premium quality tea while he was busy touring the world with Foxy Shazam. His love of the tea led him to his new creative project as he sets out to share his passion for fine teas for enthusiasts and novices alike. Since launch of his independent small company, Wendigo Tea Co. it has grown immensely through a thriving online storefront, selective retail positioning and inclusion on the menus of several fine dining establishments. Sky White comments, “I started with tea just like everybody else. I drank whatever came in tea bags and bought something that looked cute on the shelf. Once I started traveling all the time and going into tea shops, I started having an appreciation for the actual flavors of good tea, instead of the flavors that people add into tea.”  I love learning about musician’s other projects and Wendigo Tea immediately captured my interest, having been a long time tea drinker. After experiencing first hand the high grade craft teas, it [Read More]