Concert review: Alter Bridge with Like A Storm and Gojira, in Munich. By Alex Bock



Munich, Zenith, December 10th, 2016

This tour was announced about five months ago and it was a highly anticipated one. After the release of their latest record ‘The Last Hero’ on October 7th, Alter Bridge started out on an extensive tour through Europe and UK early November. With them on the road were Living Colour, Volbeat, Gojira and Like A Storm.

The only band that stayed throughout the whole tour were Like A Storm. They were also the first band to play that night in Munich. The band has been out on tour through Germany earlier this year with Escape The Fate, where they played in a smaller clubs. Now with Alter Bridge they were able to play in front of big audiences, which in this case were about 5000 people. Already a popular rock act in the US and Canada, they have also gained many fans by now in Europe. Their latest record ‘Awaken The Fire’ sealed their breakthrough worldwide. Songs like ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’ or ‘Become The Enemy’ are perfect to heat up a crowd and have them shouting and singing along. Just a few days ago the band announced the release of a new record called ‘Catacombs’ in 2017. No exact date set so far. We can also look forward to a headliner tour next summer.

Gojira, a four-piece band from France, was the heaviest band on the set list. Many people in the crowd wore Gojira shirts and big parts of the audience were really into the band. At first I thought they could be the odd one out that night, but that wasn’t the case at all. They picked up where Like A Storm finished and kept the crowd in the mood for the headliner.

What can you write about a band like Alter Bridge? They are for sure one of the most successful rock bands these days. Having two outstanding guitarists (and vocalists) in one band already settles that. So when the band entered the stage they were already greeted with loud cheers from the audience. Every song they played, the crowd knew by heart and sang along. Sometimes Myles Kennedy let the people take over the lyrics part and I can only imagine how it must feel to stay on stage and have a few thousand people sing your songs back at you. Goosebumps all over, believe me!

Here’s the setlist of Alter Bridge

  1. The Writing On The Wall
  2. Come To Life
  3. The Other Side
  4. Addicted To Pain
  5. Ghost Of Days Gone By
  6. Cry Of Achilles
  7. Crows On A Wire
  8. Ties That Bind
  9. Waters Rising
  10. My Champion
  11. Watch Over You (Myles Kennedy solo acoustic)
  12. Island Of Fools
  13. Isolation
  14. Blackbird
  15. Metalingus
  16. Open Your Eyes


  1. Show Me A Leader
  2. Rise Today

Alter Bridge will be out on a North Amercia Tour early 2017. Make sure to catch them live and grab your tickets while they last


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Alter Bridge

Like A Storm


~ Review and Concert Photography by Alex Bock,


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