Caliban, Lionheart and Bad Omens live

Backstage Munich, Dec. 6th, 2018


Thursday night, 6.30 pm was the announced time for doors to open. Not too many people were queuing outside the Backstage Werk in Munich. For one, it was probably still early for those still at work and second, the opening band of the night, Bad Omens, are not that well known around here so far.

Show start was an hour later. The venue was still more than half empty, the fate of many opening bands.

With Caliban and Lionheart there were two experienced bands on stage, that drew most of the people to this show. Bad Omens didn’t necessarily fit the bill, which made it hard for them to make a real connection with the audience. Songs like ‘Glass Houses’, ‘Careful What You Wish For’ and ‘Exit Wounds’ do have potential and there were people in the crowd that knew the band and sang along, but that night it wasn’t enough to really ‘heat up’ the audience.

By the time Lionheart entered the stage, everyone had made it to the venue and was seemingly ready to have a good time. Lionheart are one of those bands that spread the good vibes from the first to the last tune of their set. Doesn’t matter, if they are part of a festival or play headliner shows, it’s always fun to see them perform. This time was no exception. They tore the place down. Crowdsurfers, circle pits and (even though it’s not really allowed anymore) stage divers kept the security guys busy throughout the whole night.

That didn’t change with Caliban’s set. There’s a special connection both bands share with their audience. Even though they are in the music business for quite a while now, they obviously don’t get tired performing. The fun is still there and that’s what makes shows like this so exciting to watch. Caliban released their 11th album ‘Elements’ in April 2018. The majority of the songs that night was taken from their records ‘Gravity, ‘I Am Nemesis’ and ‘Elements’.

Enjoy some pictures of the show and make sure to catch those amazing bands live in a town near you.

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