Concert review: Attila, The Word Alive and Carcer City by Alex Bock


Munich, Backstage Halle, April 25th, 2017

Another night in my 2nd living room… only one of the venues was occupied that night, the Halle and I was heading there to see Attila with special guests The Word Alive and Carcer City.

Opening band was Carcer City. They’re a five piece from the UK, signed to Stay Sick Recordings (Chris Fronzak’s label). Their sounds is probably nothing really new, but what new band can create something that hasn’t been there before? Never the less, they played a good live set. Even though at the beginning the venue wasn’t that packed, they managed to get the people closer to the stage and mosh to the music.

The Word Alive and Attila both played an almost equally long set. Looking at the people, both bands seem to share the same audience, because there were many people in Attila shirts singing and jumping along during The Word Alive’s set and vice versa.

The Word Alive played a set list with a mix of new songs like ‘Misery’ and ‘Overdose’ and older songs like the ‘classic’ ‘Life Cycles’, ‘Entirety’, but also from the early days tracks like ‘2012’ and ‘Hounds Of Anubis’. What I clearly missed were songs from ‘Real’, though this record has some songs that are crowd-pleasers like ‘Lighthouse’ or ‘The Runaway’. Well anyway, TWA has by now enough songs to pick from and the choices for that part of the tour were well received by the crowd. It was the last show of two months of touring for the band. They started out in February with Asking Alexandria and then hopped the touring train with Attila for 23 more dates.

It seems to have become a custom that TWA’s frontman Telle was playing ‘What are the odds?’ with Attila’s bass player Kalan. Losing the bet this time (and probably several times before) Kalan had to crowd-surf to the bar for a shot and back to the stage three times during a song of Attila’s set. The song picked for that was ‘Payback’, which needed to be extended, because it took a while to do the trip three times. Kalan managed it well though. I’m sure there’s tons of pictures and videos documenting that. It’s always good to see the camaraderie between touring bands.

Attila didn’t need long to get the room boiling. It was raining outside, so you can sure imagine how damp the air gets when wet people are jumping, moshing, crowd-surfing and running around in circle pits for about one hour straight. Everyone knew the words of the songs. A good part of the set-list included tracks of their most recent release ‘Chaos’, like ‘Bulletproof’, ‘Public Apology’, ‘Moshpit’, ‘Ignite’ ‘Let’s Get Abducted’ and ‘All Hail Rock’n Roll’.

When home Attila and The Word Alive don’t really have time to rest, because Attila will be playing ‘Welcome To Rockville’ and The Word Alive will be heading to Malaysa for the first time after a two-day break. No rest for the wicked!!

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The Word Alive

Carcer City

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