Concert review: Freedom Call, Eden’s Curse and Veonity. By Alex Bock


Munich, Backstage, Feb. 14th 2017

It was Valentine’s Day and a Tuesday. One might think, probably not the best evening for a live show. BUT…. German Power Metal band Freedom Call have made a stop in Munich during their ‘Master Of Light’ tour and their fans came.

As to be expected they didn’t come alone. They brought two bands along on tour with them.

First one to play that night were Veonity, a four piece from Vänersborg, Sweden. They started out in 2013 and released their first EP that same year. In early 2015 they released their first full length record, which was followed by their latest effort ‘Into The Void’ in 2016. Just like in Freedom Call their vocalist Sköld also plays guitar, which gives them a vibrant guitar sound. You should definitely check them out, when they come to town.

Next on – Eden’s Curse. Based in Glasgow, UK, the members are a mixed bunch of five guys. Only the bassist and drummer are Scottish, their vocalist was born in Serbia, the guitarist is German and their keyboarder is from Finland. Their musical style is versatile, ranging from Power Metal to Progressive Metal with melodic choruses. According to their facebook page they’re listing Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen and Queensryche among their favorites, which is an influence they can’t deny.  This is, don’t get me wrong, nothing negative at all. Everyone (me included) had fun watching them play.

Finally, the band everyone was waiting for, entered the stage. The drums stood on a riser and to the left and right of it were ego risers, which bassist Ilker and guitarist Lars used during the intros to several songs. Can’t help but love those risers. Especially when you’re standing in the back, it gives you a better view on the bands and with the right lighting it also looks spectacular, which in Freedom Calls case it did. Freedom Call started out as a band in 1998, almost 20 years ago. They build up a name in the Power Metal genre during that time. Their songs range from fast to mid-tempo tracks plus powerful backing vocals from all band members. One thing’s for sure, their fans like to sing and dance. Lots of fists in the air and smiling faces that night. Something you don’t see at every show. Usually the audience is reluctant and more spectating than acting themselves. Not so that night. This show was a party among likeminded. Vocalist Chris Bay took his time between songs to talk and joke with the audience which cheered people up all the more. After about 90 minutes of fun and Happy Metal music the band closed their set with ‘Land Of Light’ from their 2002 release ‘Eternity’.

Set list

  • Tears Of Babylon
  • United Alliance
  • Kings Rise And Fall
  • Union Of The Strong
  • Freedom Call
  • Hammer Of The Gods
  • Masters Of Light
  • Carry On
  • Evil
  • A Perfect Day
  • High Up
  • Metal Is For Everyone
  • The Circle Of Life
  • Power & Glory
  • Warriors
  • Land Of Light


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Freedom Call


Eden’s Curse

~ Contributed by Alex Bock,


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