NEW SONG: Metalcore band Hollow release their new single, Anomaly, off their debut album

Metalcore band Hollow have just released their new single, Anomaly which is off their debut album, Home Isn’t Where the Heart Is. The album is set to release on June 9th. Vocals and bassist, John Flynn comments about the  new album,

‘Home Is Not Where The Heart Is’ was originally going to be a concept album, and these lyrics were the only ones we kept after we decided against that. It’s all about how bleak the future looks. They describe all of humanity being narrowed down to one big city that’s sucking up the rest of our natural resources. So inside the walls everything looks fine, but the rest of world is just a big desert. It’s very Mad Max and it’s very Matrix.”

Check out the new song here:

You can pre-order the album by  heading over to:

Home Is Not Where The Heart Is Track List

1. Coward King
2. The American Dream
3. Dis/connect
4. Anomaly
5. Too Far Gone
6. Delta F508
7. No Offense
8. Tonguespeak
9. The Wicked
10. Alpha/Omega
11. (Null)

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