Check out Bret Von Dehl’s new project Heathens and get your fix of punk n roll!

We are excited to share with you the new music from Bret Von Dehl. You may  know him from The Relapse Symphony but it is now time to get acquainted with his new project, Heathens. Heathens delivers a hefty punch of old school punk rock and a heaping dose of rock n roll, described as “Punk n Roll”. In a time when music has become a petri dish of genre blends, Heathens are here to satisfy our need for rock with a punk attitude and no apologies!

Today they posted on their Facebook Page the following:

Welcome, Ladies and Germs.
We are HEATHENS. Punk N’ Roll from Philadelphia.
For fans of Dead Boys, Morris-era Black Flag and Ramones.

Check out our debut, independent single, “POP SCARS/DON’T TALK TO ME” at our bandcamp page! If you buy the full single on bandcamp, you get the lyric sheet and we’ll send you a BONUS TRACK for FREE!

Love, peace and hairgrease,

So now head over to their Bandcamp page and pick up their new release! You can take a listen below:


We will see if we can bring you an interview with this must know new band!

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