James Bay returns to Oakland, and shines at the Fox Theater with a phenomenal performance



Fans  have been patiently waiting for the return of James Bay and his rescheduled date for the cancelled 2018 Greek Theater show. Well, they might have had to wait a bit for the rescheduled date, but James made sure it was well worth the wait! He delivered a phenomenal performance at the Fox Theater.

The night opened with a stellar set by Noah Kahan and the crowd was more than warmed up.  James hit the stage at 150% and never let up throughout the night. He kicked off the set with a high energy performance of Pink Lemonade, followed by Craving and right into Just for Tonight.  The crowd went wild at such an epic start of a set.  The energy was released into the crowd as they reciprocated by singing loudly the entire night. The set was filled with songs from Chaos and the Calm, Electric Light, his latest single Peer Pressure and even a new unreleased song, Bad. songs. It was the perfect balance including the old, new, and fan favorites.  It also included a rousing cover of the Beatles Come Together.

The minimalistic stage setting was the perfect backdrop to highlight the music. You were fully drawn into the music and it held your full attention captive the whole night. Another highlight was seeing the diversity of the crowd. Whether it was age, gender, or culture, all were in attendance and enjoying every minute of the set.

On a personal note, we have struggled to get through the loss of our business, home and pet in the 2017 firestorm and most recently have been in quite a dark place in reflection.  As you know we are strong believers in the power of music. Music heals, helps, inspires and does so much more. Well last night, honestly, the music changed our whole mood and perspective.  We were grinning from ear to ear as James’ performance had us forget all of our troubles, worries and pain.  We left with a renewed hope and couldn’t wait to relive the night in our memory, the next time something troubled us.

Check out photos of the set by our Rockin Ryan:


Stay tuned as James is set to release his video for Peer Pressure tomorrow, Friday, March 29th.  Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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