The Unlikely Candidates have my vote for great new music!

Last night Blue October returned to the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco for their SWAY tour. Opening up for them was a fantastic five piece band from Keller, Texas called The Unlikely Candidates.  They have a strong alternative rock/grunge style that blends with a bit of southern rock. It is a perfect combination that brings these five guys together to form The Unlikely Candidates.

They came out with an energetic and charismatic performance. On guitars you have Brent Carney and Cole Male. Cole has a spirited stage presence and Brent delivers some great backing vocals as well. Jared Hornbeek jumps around and gets the crowd pumped with his smooth bass lines. Kevin Goddard and his intense energy deliver pack a punch heavy drumming.  The singer, Kyle Morris truly brings the crowd to their feet as he not only dishes out amazing vocals, but is high spirited in his stage antics.  They really put on a powerful show and for an opening band, delivered a headlining performance. You will definitely want to check out this band.

One of the highlights of their set was having them cover, “House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals. It was impressive to see this young band pull of such a great cover of a classic. Another highlight is their performance of my favorite song, “Just Breathe” that is off of their new EP Follow My Feet. You can pick up your copy from Itunes here.  Also check out this tribute video that Rockin Ryan put together for “Just Breathe” with footage and photos from the Fillmore show:


Make sure to head over to their Facebook page and see if they are coming to a town near you. I will leave you with another amazing slideshow of Rockin Ryan’s photographs of the set.

~ Marisol


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