VIDEO: Mona Borland featuring melodic metalcore infused with grungy metal vibes

Get ready for your order! Here you go: Mona Borland is serving up some infectious melodic metalcore with a side of grunge metal making a perfect dish. Dallas based Mona Borland wanted to create something a little different and they definitely have satisfied us with their music! A little more about Mona Borland:

A 4-piece outfit, their sound is best summarized as a cohesive blend of grungy alt-rock and melodic metalcore with powerful choruses. In less than a year, the band has quickly become a prominent name in the DFW metal scene, sparking a buzz with their 1st self-released EP, “Sad Sounds from Space”.

          On paper, something like this—djenty space/post-rock-influenced post-mathcore—not only makes me look like I’m a genre whore, but it also doesn’t sound like something that’d be very good in execution. It’s tough to write hybridized metal, in my opinion; there’s very little room for success because you need to make the genres nearly seamless. Yet, Mona Borland manages to do this, and as far as I know, Sad Sounds From Space is their only material out right now.

          Since their first live show in August of 2016, Mona Borland has played with such notable acts as The News Can Wait, Rival Choir, Comrades, and various artists at the fall edition of So What Music Festival in Dallas. They can also be caught as direct local support for the He is Legend / Islander / To Speak of Wolves tour in Dallas on July, 22nd. Their 2nd EP, “Jade”, was just released on June 22nd and is currently available on all digital music services.
Check out their new video for their song Oasis. 

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