Ashley Purdy shines in the spotlight with his debut solo release of “Nowhere”

We have all loved Ashley Purdy when he was the bassist in Black Veil Brides, but our love for him keeps growing with his new solo music. Ashley moved on to shine in the spotlight with the release of his first single “Nowhere”. The captivating song will touch your soul and give you hope.  The lyrics will grab a hold of you and surrounds you with hope, even if you are facing dark times. Truly powerful song!

Ashley comments about the song,

It was written and inspired when I felt all hope was lost in my life. After many tragedies of losing close family members and contemplating if I still wanted to be here or not, I turned to my art. Began to write poems, lyrics and songs that led to the main feeling and concept of “Nowhere”.  The song basically came when I literally felt all alone. After all of your family members die and home is gone, you’ve got to figure out how to exist by yourself and for yourself.

I’ve said this before…

“You never realize how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”

Check out the lyric video for the song:

This song really hits home with us in more ways than one. It arrived at a time when we have been losing hope after losing everything in the Santa Rosa fire. From the moment I first heard it, it resonated with us and instilled a bit more strength in us to keep moving forward. Thank you Ashley for your gift of music, that we know will inspire many others.

You can pick up the song below:

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Also, head over to his store for some new merch,

We are very excited for Ashley and his new music! Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on his latest news.

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  1. What a haunting but inspirational story or interview and song that you wrote and gives people a different perspective on life in just everything else amazing great job

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