Booze & Glory share new song/video for “Raising The Roof”

photo credit: Jaka Curlic

Booze & Glory start the year 2022 with a bang and release with “Raising The Roof” a brand-new single and video. The new song revives the “As Bold As Brass”- era – sweeping Old-School-Streetpunk with lots of high spirits, which we really need in those crazy days.

Booze & Glory were founded in London in 2009. In the beginning, they were a direct homage to the Streetpunk and Oi!-Bands of the British scene from the late 70’s and 80’s. Thanks to the rousing songwriting, which for a long time came from the streets of the British capital, and heroic and ruthless dedication to live shows, the band was by and by admitted by a colossal international fanbase and the video for their debut was streamed on YouTube over 24 million times. Tours in Asia, South America, the USA and pretty much everywhere, where they were wanted, ensured that Booze & Glory’s records “As Bold As Brass” or “Chapter IV” became an indispensable listening experience for fans of tough and snotty Rock n’ Roll.

Between 2017 and 2019 a lot happened in the B&G camp. The band has added innumerable new triumphs to their already impressive vita and played over 200 shows all over the world, amongst them sets at the legendary French Hellfest and the Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. On their way over there, Booze & Glory played their first Japan tour and a 10-day arena tour through Germany, supporting the Broilers. They also warmed up the stage for Judas Priest at the Pol’AndRock festival in Poland, opening for an audience of 700.000. What’s more: Booze & Glory toured for the first time through Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 2018 the band received the Vive Le Rock Award for the best new band, which was elected by the fans!

In 2019 Booze & Glory joined the mighty Persistence Tour in Europe and a few months later the modern punk heroes were supported loudly by Dropkick Murphys. The American Folk-Punk-legend took Booze & Glory with them on their five-week US tour, where they met their own huge fanbase – on average 4000 people every night.

The rest of 2019 passed in a whirl. The long-awaited 5th album of the band, “Hurricane”, produced by Millencolin-guitarist Mathias Farm, was released through the band’s own label Scarlet Teddy Records. The record sold more copies than all the previous 4 together, which let Booze & Glory appear on the official German charts.

2019 ended with a huge 30-shows European tour with Giuda and Analogs.

Due to the worldwide pandemic situation the band had to postpone their America- and Asia-tour as well as numerous summer festivals. But even when the guys couldn’t tour, they were busy recording their 2nd Reggae session (the Reggae-side-project of the band), which was released via Pirates Press Records in 2021.

With “Raising The Roof” Booze & Glory return their focus to their Streetpunk roots and make you want more!

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