Clowns release brand-new song “Does It Matter ?”

2020 was going to be a colossal year for Clowns. The Melbourne, Australian five-piece was locked into worldwide touring to support their 2019 full-length, and Fat Wreck debut, Nature/Nurture. The album included 11 blistering songs that veered from frantic punk to slower, more nuanced, and psychedelic-tinged rock. However, before the band could really roll out their epic touring plans, that nettlesome global pandemic hit, and the world was shut down.

Luckily, Clowns are not one to rest on their laurels and harnessed their solitude to write music. The pause on being an active band allowed the group to record a batch of new songs, with two standing out as their favorites. Today you’ll get your first dose of quarantine-blues curing melody, in the form of the single “Does It Matter?”

Singer Stevie Williams comments on “Does It Matter?”:

“We wanted to write the best Clowns song that has ever existed – it’s punky, it’s ‘garagy’, there are a few screams and there are a few big singalongs. It has a crashing guitar solo and it’s about doing what you want to do.” Williams adds: “The song is about “breaking the law”. We all do it sometimes – and if you say you don’t do it, then you’re probably a liar or a coward. Musically we wrote the song during lockdown, when the world around us melted down.”

In 2019, Clowns started a record label/booking agency called Damaged who’ll release “Does it Matter?” in Australia, with Fat distributing the release everywhere else. What’s next for Clowns?

Vocalist Stevie Williams shares,

“While we feel happy to be living a relatively normal life after our Covid episode, we are still unable to leave Australia and tour. We’re using this time as wisely as possible, writing all kinds of new music and playing shows where we can. Expect lots of new tunes until it’s legal for us come to you.”

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