Grade 2 release new song “Doing Time”

credit: Ryan Mackfall

British punk band Grade 2 released their new song and video for “Doing Time”. The straightforward thrasher comes with a powerful shout-along-hook and straight lyrics, which denounce the banalities of nine-to-five everyday work. The band draws parallels to a life behind bars and uses effective rolling lines like “I’m just a number in the system with a lifetime parole….“.

The song is the perfect addition to every skate soundtrack and a hymn for punk fans of all generations. It’s directed to everyone that can relate to the general contempt for the current business world. The band adds:

“With a wink, but like a punch to the gut ,”Doing Time” is our answer to the dead end of the nine to five hamster wheel.”

Childhood friends Sid Ryan (vocals, bass), Jacob Hull (drums) and Jack Chatfield (guitar, vocals) started the band at the age of 14 and celebrated their craft with covers of The Clash and The Jam before they refined their own sound and songs. A European tour as support for Stomper 98 resulted in the admiration and friendship of Lars Frederiksen of Rancid, which led to their signing with the legendary Hellcat Records of rancid bandmate Tim Armstrong.

Grade 2 just announced a couple of UK tour dates for 2023. Make sure to catch them live! For tickets go to

For more information on the band, follow their social media:

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