The Reverend Rob wakes up your senses with a dose of rockabilly punk swing!


There is something about the joy of discovering new music that truly stands out from the rest. One band that I would encourage you to check out is The Reverend Rob which delivers a fresh dose of  rockabilly punk swing that will infect you and have you hooked!  You can check out the current releases on his website by visiting:!the-band/cjg9.

The Reverend Rob although being the sole member of the band, has recently collaborated with Jack Dunham (bass) and Kenny Aronoff (drums) on his new cover of The Kink’s All Day and All of the Night and was produced by Michael RosenThe song is a stellar cover of the classic hit and will be available for sale in February on iTunes. You can take a listen here:


We asked Rob about working with Kenny on the song and he told us,

 “ When I was 21 I completely fell in love with John Mellencamps song “Scarecrow”. I remember thinking how AMAZING the drummer was. He has this energy, always plays just what the song needs. Never too little and never too much. About 3 months ago I was presented with the opportunity to do a few songs with him, I thought I had died and gone to musical heaven. Then a month ago, while working with Producer/Engineer Michael Rosen (a musical genius), we took the opportunity to have Kenny play on a cover of the Kinks classic, All Day and All of the Night. What a complete honor, and a challenge. I’d never been challenged like that to step up my playing! This week the honor continued and increased. We started an original with Kenny, and have been blessed and added Lee Rocker on bass (The Stray Cats) to the mix. We are humbled and very honored!!!!”

The Reverend has a soft spot for puppies and has announced that the proceeds from the sale of the song are going to Puppies Charities. He explains,
“We are constantly looking for puppy charities all across the country that are in need of money to continue their great work saving puppies!!!! Some of these are just wonderful people (no company affiliation) that do amazing things for these amazing walks of life!!! So we like to help them. ARF is wonderful, but we think the individuals that are caring for these sick and often times abused dogs need our help too. We are in the process of working with a few companies to setup an official non-profit that does nothing but direct much needed money to these people and organizations. 100% of the profits from All Day and All of the night is being donated to charities all across the country. We thank them all. My puppy (my furry human) Cali thanks them all!!! “
So make sure to visit his social media sites and stay tuned for the new cover as well as a new music, Death on Capital Hill. Whether you are looking for music that ignites an energetic burst or brings out your fun flirty side, check out The Reverend Bob. You can also listen to his music on his website:  We will continue to bring you updates on the new music as well as an interview.

~ Marisol

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