Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit premiere addictive new single, “He Loved Her”

Soulful rockers Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit are set to premiere their addictive new single, “He Loved Her”. The song is the second single off their new LP Judgement Eve which is set for a June 1st release. Sam tells us about how the song came about,

I had the riffs and chords all ready but no lyrics yet.   Then one day on tour when we were driving through the desert in New Mexico I put all the lyrics together based on some adventures we’d had and people we’d encountered.

One thing is certain when you take a listen, you are immediately hooked on the catchy guitar and then captivated by Sam’s gritty and edgy vocals. His charisma shines as the song continues with an infectious toe tapping vibe! Check out the new song here:


Sam’s new album is sure to bring emotions to life. His music always highlights  his soulful energy and we can truly “feel” what he sings. We asked him about the emotional process during recording of the album and if there were any particular emotionally jarring or emotional releasing tracks?  Sam explains,

Recording is always emotional because if you’re sincere about it you’ve got your entire life tied into it.  Your craft, your identity, your vision, your money- it’s all on the line.  We went in to the studio knowing what we wanted to do and left some room to pivot here and there.  There are some tracks tied to heavy emotion such as “You Ain’t Alone” and “Love and Anger”- but the recording itself was particularly enjoyable this time around.
The album is an evolution of their music and opens a new chapter for them. Sam comments,
Everything about it is a step forward for us.  We’re delivering 11 songs we feel will really strike a cord with different kinds of listeners.  We have a bunch of tracks that have a traditional radio single structure, and we’ve got tracks with three different songs in one.  We’re trying to show the full scope of our taste and tenacity.  We are very excited about it.”
Sam will be heading out on a North American tour from June to November and you don’t want to miss their shows. They bring the energy to the stage that has everyone rockin. Sam explains what you can expect at their shows:
The first track off the new album is called “Punch ‘Em In The Ear” – meaning we’re going for the knockout every time we take the stage.  We feel strongly that we sound the best we’ve ever sounded, and we’re very much looking forward to sharing that with our audiences.
You can visit his tour page for a list of upcoming shows, with more being added. We are excited to see a couple NorCal dates; San Francisco on June 14th at Hotel Utah and Sacramento on June 16th at the Torch Club. Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news and upcoming tour dates.

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