Skinny Lister share video for their new song “Damn The Amsterdam”

Credit: Sarah Louise Bowrey

Skinny Lister are back! Their fifth studio record “A Matter Of Life & Love” will be out October 22nd via Xtra Mile Recordings. They recently released a video for the first single “Damn The Amsterdam (feat. The Longest John)”.

The single is a return to the original roots-sound of Skinny Lister. The song is about the famous shipwreck in Hastings and is a straight Sailors Shanty, which reflects the style and stomp of “John Kanaka” from their first album “Forge & Flagon”.

The new album “A Matter Of Life & Love” was written over the last 18 months and is essentially a collection of true stories and feelings that were truly ‘important’ to the band.

The record contains all the typical invigorating stories from the streets, which have made Skinny Lister a festival-legend, from disturbing tour stories, in which they were stopped by the Bavarian police (“Bavaria Area”) to full throttle-airport-booze-songs (“Breakfast At Heathrow”); if you dig deeper, you’ll find a record, that will probably be their most personal and profound album so far.

“A Matter Of Life & Love” unites with it’s 12 tracks all influences and styles, from Ska to Rock and from Folk-Punk to the traditional Shanty and is in many ways the distillate of everything that has drawn the world under the spell of Skinny Lister. And yet it is the first record, which was completely written, produced, recorded, and mixed by Skinny Lister. It shows the band with a strengthened self-confidence.

Dan Heptinstall about the record of the new record and what you can expect:

“It is incredible that we made it to the fifth album, and we can’t wait to see what further adventures wait for us, when we bring it out on the road and into the world….It was a very liberating experience, which not only allowed us to use what we learned from the top producers of our previous four albums, but also to realize our own vision of the tracks. We are very proud of the result.”

You can pre-order the record here.

Track list:

1.Shout It Out
2.Tough Stuff Like Us
3.Like It’s The First Time
4.Damn The Amsterdam
5.A Matter Of Life & Love
7.Shoulder To Shoulder
8.Bavaria Area
9.Bonny’s Eyes
10.Life At A Loose End
11.Breakfast At Heathrow



Skinny Lister will be on tour through the UK in 2021 and there are also a few days set for a small tour through Germany in 2022.











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