SMRTDEATH shares new single “Sober” – new album out in February 2022

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Smrtdeath, born Mike Skwark, has announced his new album “it’s fine” due out digitally February 4 via Epitaph Records. The album will be available on CD and vinyl April 8.

Produced by Grammy-nominated Matt Malpass (Blink 182, Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud), with the exception of the final track which was made with longtime collaborate Taxpurposes, it’s fine examines the space between personal happiness and global sorrow. The album takes his classic blend of pop, rap, emo, trap, punk, and more and adds big, organic drum sounds and huge harmonies. Skwark is no longer the frontman of his own productions, he is playing all the instruments in his own one-man-band.

Written and recorded during the pandemic, one of the most dramatically isolating experiences of our lives, the album finds Smrtdeath’s Mike Skwark in a surprisingly contented state, newly coupled up and living in bliss. But the thing about your happiness is that it displaces your unhappiness. When you’re single and unhappy, you spend time with your friends, and maybe your unhappiness and availability is something your crew has come to rely on. How do you deal with that new complication? Skwark’s trying his best.

Last week, Smrtdeath shared “sober” featuring Lil Lotus & Lil Aaron. The track addresses an existential desire to grow up and curtail his partying, while realizing he’s maybe not quite ready. “I definitely slowed down, but I’m not all the way there,” Skwark says.

Elsewhere on the record, you can find guest spots from WHOKILLEDXIX and Mark Hoppus of Blink 182. “I like this album the most out of anything I’ve done,” Skwark adds.

“it’s fine” can be pre-ordered here.

it’s fine track listing

1. all my friends are pissed off
2. she always gets what she wants (ft. Lil Lotus)
3. everything’s fucked
4. great (ft. WHOHKILLEDXIX)
5. misfit
6. sober (ft. Lil Aaron & Lil Lotus)
7. what i wanted
8. idek
9. adding up (ft. Mark Hoppus)
10. got right
11. it’s fine



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