William Control announces release of “The Black”


About four months after the release of the first of four EP’s ‘The Pale’, William Control announces the release of the second one, ‘The Black’. The EP can be preordered as of now. It will be released on February 17th. You can order just the download version, but also the physical copy along with bundles that include shirts and posters. Follow that link and order fast. Physical copies of The Pale were sold out pretty fast. Won’t be much different with ‘The Black’ – http://williamcontrol.bigcartel.com/ .

Already ‘The Pale’ has been a very successful release for William Control. Being a busy and hardworking musician and writer, over the past months William was on tour several times and released music videos for every song. At the moment he’s doing some headline shows that will be followed by a tour with Andy Black, starting February 17th and a European/UK tour with Aesthetic Perfection in April. Make sure to catch him and the Neuromantic Boys live. Be the first to hear some of the new songs live.


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Contributed by Alex Bock, https://twitter.com/abphotomjp


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