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Crash Pilot Band

If anyone asks what is my most played artist lately, I would have to tell them Crash Pilot. These guys truly deliver some of the best fun retro rock sound of today. The band has collective influences from alt, rock and metal. Their style is infectious and their songs will match that intensity.


Nikki Scott tells us about their track, Alone,

I wanted Alone to sound manic, and I wanted the lyrics to present like the monologue of someone put on trial. The song is a personal critique of our generations addiction to constant attention, and the self destructive behaviors we all indulge in to get that attention. Social Media was built to connect us, but in reality I feel it has only helped expedite our descent into depravity and made us feel more alone.

You can check out Alone where you stream your music or check it out here:

If you are local you can catch Crash Pilot at the Marin County Fair in San Rafael on July 1st. You can also check out their social media sites for their upcoming show dates. They put on a high energy full on rock show that you don’t want to miss!


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