Guitar Hero Live makes you the rockstar as you take center stage to play!



Activision has brought Guitar Hero to a whole new level with their new Guitar Hero Live Game and the GHTV. The new game puts you on center stage and gives you the experience of playing in front of a live crowd. With the GH Live first person view you will rock out in front of live fans and a full band who may love you or hate you! It is all up to you to become the rockstar and shine.

In addition Guitar Hero Live has introduced GHTV which is the world’s first playable music video network. GHTV features continuous broadcast of music videos and you can join in with your controller and play along to all of your favorite songs. You can also earn rewards as you level up and enjoy premium shows like live concerts. We were excited when we saw that they introduced 3 videos from one of our favorite bands, The Struts!


The game was easy to play and whether you are a novice gamer, musician, music lover or just looking for some fun, this game delivers it all. It features a very easy instructional walk through to get the first time player to winning a crowd over in no time. Our team has enjoyed playing the game and one thing is certain, with the new first person view, live crowd and GHTV, it creates a new experience each time. It is challenging and engaging, and fully entertaining, even for those just watching on the sidelines as you play. We also had several musicians play it and they loved it. The new game has brought much more similarity to live guitar playing but also provides a challenge to even high leveled musicians.

Our team member Rockin Ryan who has also been playing guitar since he was 7  had this to say,

It was so much fun and to have a live crowd in front of you made it feel like a real rock show. The pressure to please the crowd and your bandmates was stressful at times but it created the adrenaline needed to fuel my playing and kick some ass on that stage. I used to play Guitar Hero many years ago and the new game is nothing like the old ones. It is a whole new level of fun and I’m hooked. I still practice about two hours a day on my Gibsons but then I always finish up with an your on Guitar Hero Live! Love this game and the playable videos are my new addiction. \m/ 

Our team member Carol Terry out of Kentucky had this to say about Guitar Hero Live,

Guitar Hero Live takes gaming to a whole new level. It puts you on stage watching the crowds reaction. GHTV has a wide variety of songs to play and as you level up, new ones are added. With its challenging riffs and the abilities for both new and veteran gamers it makes GHL endless hours of in your face interaction where the fun never ceases to exist. If you got tired of the older versions but still have the craving for the rhythm, this is The game to play.

Guitar Hero Live is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U console as well as Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

This is definitely not just a game, it is a full rock experience. It will surely provide fun for everyone of all ages, music genre lovers and gamers alike. So, pick up Guitar Hero Live and take that center stage.

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