VIDEO HIGHLIGHT: Lonesome Heroes release Sinner’s Parade music video!

Lonesome Heroes is a band that was born in Rome, Italy and started by  by the singer / guitarist Stefano Bassani. They took its inspiration from  80s / 90s California Punk Rock and Hard Rock scene.

In 2018 they wrote and recorded their first studio album “A Bandit Story” which contains 9 tracks plus an acoustic song. Lonesome Heroes have played all over the Rome underground scene, especially attracting the interest of the bikers community and have been invited to play at the 4th edition of Eternal City Custom Show, the largest Bikers and Custom Italian event run by the Hell’s Angels and attracting over ten thousand people.

Lonesome Heroes recenlty released their music video for Sinner’s Parade last week and you definitely have to check it out! About the video:

In The Sinners’ Parade we wanted to express the concept of freedom of thought and image against the stereotypes created by society in an attempt to homologate human thought. In the video the characters get rid of their masks and proudly lay bare their inner monsters , their different and real personalities. They are sinners. In the Sinner’s Parade all the characters are not actors, but ordinary people with strong charismas who represent themselves and an underground reality often too undervalued.

Watch the video here:

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