Interview with Finn Bell of the 90’s grunge-infused alt rockers Love Ghost!


We recently featured a new favorite band of ours, the 90’s grunge-infused alt/rockers Love Ghost. The Los Angeles band was formed 15-year-old frontman Finn Bell and the band features teenagers who are well beyond their years with their music. They bring out our love of 90’s grunge but blended with alt rock and a modern sound.

Finn who is the lead vocalist and lyricist highlights his songwriting by taking you on an emotional journey. He describes his process as a continuous stream of consciousness, drawn from his emotional response. Bell expresses ‘It’s a shame that people tend to shy away from anything that feels too personal, because those types of things let you know who you really are.’

We recently had a chance to chat with Finn Bell and are pleased to share our interview with you here:

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Music Junkie Press: Did you or do you have a strong musical program in your schools that fostered your love for music?

Finn: No, not as much. I learned music from outside of school. And if there was, I don’t think I’d take advantage of it, I’m not much of a school person, if anyone is.

Music Junkie Press:  We can hear so many great 90’s band influences in your music, do you still find yourself finding new music from the past?

Finn: Yes, I do. That’s what makes a great song, if it can move anyone at any time. Feelings are universal, and if it’s a great song it can tap into a universal feeling that can affect anyone from an elementary school teacher to a serial killer. Haha.

Music Junkie Press:  Great to hear that your EP was produced by Mark Renk, how was that working with him? What is something that you learned or will always take away from working with him?

Finn: It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mark, I think what I’ll always take away is that it’s important the producer knows the artist, but also really knows the person. Mark knew me as a person so he knew what I wanted and he knew how to get some raw and real takes out of me. However Asdru Sierra produced Forgive Me and Chimpanzee, and like Mark Asdru was incredible to work with as well. His musical ideas and the hidden melodies he could hear as a possible vocal harmony or Viola part were very groovy and worked with the song. I’m very lucky to have worked with both of them.

Music Junkie Press:  Your lyrics are raw, honest and passionate! Do you have a particular songwriting process? During recording, did you find yourself as emotionally immersed?

Finn: I’m super emotional when recording, for sure. My writing process is that the music always comes first and then the lyrics.

Music Junkie Press:  What is next in store for you guys? Will you be touring or having any upcoming shows?

Finn: We’re playing as many shows as we can and hoping to get as much publicity as possible!

Music Junkie Press: We can’t wait to see more of what you are doing and congratulate you guys on all your hard work!

Finn: Thank you very much music junkie press!!

With the Holidays right around the corner, check out Finn’s response to our Holiday Q & A!


What is the oddest gift you have ever received?

Awkward fuzzy blue socks. They just feel so wrong on my feet.


What is your favorite Holiday Food Item?

Eggnog, hands down.
What is your favorite Holiday family tradition that you still do today?

I guess I just love decorating the Christmas tree whilst listening to Christmas music.
Do you have a favorite holiday movie or song?

I’d say Elf is my favorite movie and I like Lemmy’s cover of “Run Rudolph Run”
Do you have a specific memory of a certain ornament or holiday decoration?

I like creepy ornaments like one’s with monsters on them.

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Make sure to check out their cinematic video for their track, Forgive Me. Check out the video here:

Their EP was produced by Mark Renk (P.O.D.).  Make sure to visit their social media sites for more information.

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