Barb Wire Dolls close out Warped Tour with stellar set, announcing new tour Tuesday!


Barb Wire Dolls continue their rise!

One of our favorite bands, Barb Wire Dolls consistently delivered sought after sets at Vans Warped Tour this summer. It was 2015, the first time we saw Barb Wire Dolls perform at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco and they left quite an impression on us. We were emphatically hooked on their high-intense adrenaline raising sets and there has been no slowing down for them since then. With successful residencies at The Whiskey in Hollywood and sold out shows, it was no surprise that they would embark on Vans Warped Tour this past summer.

We knew they were going to be one of the most favored bands on the tour, and they definitely proved it. From city to city, their crowds would increase in size as everyone talked about their shows. They graced the lists of Top Bands on Warped Tour to See and we were so glad to see others with their high praise of this well deserving band.

They arrive at Shoreline in Mountain View.

In Mountain View, we had the opportunity to interview Isis and talk about touring and what is next. We will be bringing that interview to you later this week. We then were front and center for their set on the Skullcandy stage. From the first song to the last, we were captivated by the performance. It was punk rock at its finest and a revolution was ignited in the hearts of the fans.

Check out photos from Rockin Ryan (click to enlarge):

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 8th, Barb Wire Dolls will be announcing a 33 date tour which will be their last tour of 2017. They will be bringing along with them 2 of the hottest international punk bands in the world to open the show. We have our fingers crossed for a Northern California date as we are already having Barb Wire Dolls withdrawals! So get ready as Barb Wire Dolls are ready to take you on a wild punk rock ride!

So make sure to visit their social media sites and we hope you get out to their next shows!

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