Cory Wells live at Club Cord in Munich with Luke Rainsford

California based solo musician Cory Wells released his first full-length record ‘The Way We Are’ late last year. I found out about this artist through a suggestion on youtube. The intensity and feelings in his songs blew me away back then.

We had the chance to cover one of his first performances in Germany when he opened for Dashboard Confessional last November. Check here for our review and some pictures of that extraordinary show:

The show in November was sold out before it was known that Cory Wells would play as well, so fans of him didn’t really have the chance to go to that show. Right around that time he announced his own headliner tour through Europe though with stops in Germany, Belgium and the UK.

Munich was also on the list, so we took the chance to cover this very intimate set of Cory Wells and Luke Rainsford in a very small club in Munich’s inner city called Club Cord. Originally Lizzy Farrell should have been part of the tour, but she had to cancel her spot due to illness.

According to the homepage, Club Cord has a capacity of about 500 people. It wasn’t officially sold out, but it was pretty packed. The stage at the club is almost on the same level as the floor itself, so artist and audience get really close.

Luke Rainsford is a young musician from Birmingham, UK. Looking at the song list on Spotify he’s been around for a while and released his first record in 2016. He shared his most recent single ‘In Spite Of All My Worry’ just a few days ago. Check it out here:

Though people were reluctant at first (which is a pretty common phenomenon with opening bands), they warmed up to his music pretty fast. I oftentimes check out the artist’s music before I go to a show and I have to admit, that Luke really won me over with his live performance. The songs itself are good to listen to on record, but they are much better live. So, if you have a chance to catch Luke Rainsford perform, don’t miss out.

For Cory Wells’ set the audience moved a little bit closer to the stage. The first row decided that it’s much more comfy to watch the show from the ground, so they made themselves comfortable there. I’m pretty sure there were some people from the Dashboard Confessional show, that also came that night. He left quite an impression back then. The queue at the merch table in November was quite impressive. Most people though saw Cory Wells perform for the very first time last Saturday. The sing-along was still a bit reluctant (which is admittedly something you find a lot here), but with songs like ‘End Of A Good Thing’, which is at 2.1 million views on youtube already, that changed completely. The set-list included earlier songs like ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Avoid The Blame’, but mostly songs from his current record, like ‘Distant’, ‘Keiko’, ‘Harbor’ and the recently released single ‘Wildfire’.

Overall it was an up-close and personal show. Cory Wells shares a lot of feelings with his songs, the lyrics and the performance itself. This comes from the heart and every song has its own story. But also, everyone will probably have thoughts of their own when they listen to the lyrics closely. Unfortunately, it was only a nine-song set, so it was over far too quickly. Nevertheless, the people enjoyed the show and I’m pretty sure they will be back next time.

After the European tour, Cory Wells will be out on the road in the US in February/March 2020. Make sure to check him out live!

~ Alex

For more information on both artists, check out their social media:

Cory Wells

Luke Rainsford


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