Juliette Lewis returns to the Bay Area with Juliette and the Licks to deliver spectacular mood elevating performance




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1.  the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

synonyms: emotional release, relief, release, venting, purification, cleansing  “Juliettes performance was a true catharsis.”

The charismatic energy of Juliette created a whirlwind of adrenaline that ignited the crowd with her electrifying pure raw emotional performance.

If you have never witnessed a Juliette concert, well, let’s just say… you truly haven’t lived.  It is an experience that you will never forget. You can’t help but feel every emotion that she expresses with her music. It is love, laughter, pain, exhilaration, loss and so much more. It is the medicine that we all need to nurture our souls and free ourselves of limitations. It is a cathartic experience that will leave you walking away a new person and wrapped in a positive energy. You are drinking life from the Juliette Lewis elixir and we all  need a dose!


Well, Juliette and the Licks returned to the Bay Area to provide us with another heaping dose of that mood elevating elixir! They performed a charismatic electrifying performance at the Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music Venue in Berkeley. The night kicked off with a high energy punk rock set from ToyGuitar that had the crowd jumping.


The venue was packed to capacity as Juliette and the Licks took to the stage. From the first note played, the crowd went wild and were 100% fully engaged into the performance.  Everyone was held captive by their stage presence.  The band sounded spot on and the energy among them is unparalleled. The crowd was ready to return all the energy and charisma the band was delivering as they went wild with each and every song played.  Whatever worries, troubles, challenges you were experiencing before that show, were now non-existent. The only thing that mattered was the feel good uplifting vibes that their music was creating. At one moment, I looked to Ryan and said, “After this damn fire, this is exactly what I needed”. It truly had me forget all the loss of our business/home in the Santa Rosa fire. Instead, I was filled with hope, adrenaline and fuel to carry on and battle whatever lies ahead.  Thank you for that Juliette and the Licks! Now they should bottle that elixir because the world needs more of their positivity! Check out our photos from the set by Rockin Ryan:

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