Copenhagen artist VERA releases new electro-R&B track, In and Out of Love

We would like to introduce you to Copenhagen newcomer artist VERA.

Vera has earned quite a reputation as an of-the-moment producer and co-writer for a crop of Norwegian breakout acts including Liss, Soleima, Goss and Off Bloom. But today he returns with his own proper breakthrough solo offering “In And Out Of Love,” a crestfallen anthem that pulls from the gloomy ’90s R&B of Sade and Toni Braxton to create a dark electro-R&B sound all his own. Anchored on the vocalist’s lush tenor and a repeated, mournful saxophone sample, the track relies on the push-and-pull of the woven melodies as a metaphor for the repeated hook, “I’m in and out of love.”

Check out the new song here:


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