Gojira release new single ‘Amazonia’

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Two times Grammy nominees Gojira released a brand-new single ‘Amazonia’ from their highly anticipated new album ‘Fortitude’, which will be out April 30th through Roadrunner Records. ‘Amazonia’ is available on all streaming platforms. The video was directed by Charles de Meyer on different locations in Brasil.  De Meyer has been working with multiple moviemakers (Vincent Moon, Hauxplay, Jennifer Kumiko Hayashi and Midia Ninja) to get an unfiltered view on the life and fight of indigenous tribes there.

The proceeds of the song will be for the benefit of the organization Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), which advocates for the environmental and cultural rights of indigenous tribes in the Amazonas area, which suffered immensely – victims of deforestation, land loss, forced labour, violence and harassment.

In cooperation with the social purposes orientated digital platform Propeller Gojira curate a one-month charity campaign with an auction of unique individual items from Gojira and befriended bands. The auction started Friday with a Joe Duplantier signature guitar, that was decorated by Duplantier with an art piece of the fauna of the Amazonas. There’s also a hand-signed Nash Guitars-bass from Metallica bassist Robert and his artist-wife Chloe Trujillo, a signed exclusive photo print of Lamb Of Gods Randy Blythe, a limited Rockhard Slayer motorcycle helmet and much more. Every week new pieces will be added. In addition, Gojira added a limited art print in favour of the APIB, on which the first 500 fans who buy the print, will be part of the actual design with their names.

“This is a call to solidarity”, Duplantier states. “The music community can be powerful when they join together for something useful like this. So many friends, great artists and bands have joined the movement without hesitation by donating instruments.”

These actions add to Gojira’s carrier-assisting tradition to use their music as a means for environmental activism by not only taking about critical cases but also by encouraging listeners to act.

“We not only want to release a song called ‘Amazonia’ – we furthermore want to do something”, Duplantier explains. “We feel as artists responsible to give the people a way to be active.” 

Fortitude will be released in different vinyl variants, on CD and digital. Pre-ordering has already started!

Recorded and produced by Joe Duplantier at the Silver Cord studio – Gojiras headquarter in Ridgewood, Queens – and mixed by Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine), Fortitude is an invitation to mankind not only to imagine and wish for a new world but to let it become reality. The foundation for Fortitude was set last year by the band’s surprising release of the 2020 single ‘Another World.

Track list ‘Fortitude’

  1. Born For One Thing
  2. Amazonia
  3. Another World
  4. Hold On
  5. New Found
  6. Fortitude
  7. The Chant
  8. Sphinx
  9. Into The Storm
  10. The Trails
  11. Grind


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